Day 17 - it’s always nice when I draw something and *don’t* hate it!

Sharing because it is great inspirational minimalist art/design. Pass this often on daily walks.

Did several of these awhile back from a Graham Shaw TED talk and reproduced one here for

Super quickie because I forgot! Booked a few days of sketching workshops for November in San Miguel de Allende. Hope it helps...

Always so much better in the photo. Left out background or i would still be working on this tomorrow!

Decided I needed to go back to basics. First, a perspective exercise! (Not sure why the IG app felt like tilting the photo, but I like it!)

Its just pencil, but wow that was hard! Ink later, maybe. The beautiful Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

New PC - dropped the slightly oversized box (mini-ITX board) and went mini - Zotac Zbox. Very small, super-quiet fan. About $150. Could have saved money if I had known it came with 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive! Took my existing 240GB SSD with Linux Mint and moved it over and it just worked without any tweaks!

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