My photo for #ClimateStrike in #Paris on March 15th. I challenge you to #staygrounded #flyingless. If you take a plane anyway, donate to for example to offset your emissions . We must fund #climatejustice as much as possible. Yesterday I donated to Atmosfair to compensate all flights I did in my life: 6 flights return trip, I donated 94 Euro. Please do the same! is a resource of information for long-distance train journeys to replace flying.

@blipp so trains are best? Even the diesel-belching American variety? I am now officially curious. Thanks!

@donblanco I would expect so, because after all, a plane lifts a huge mass into the air; but I am not an expert on American trains, so I cannot give a definitive answer, sorry. I tried to find a Twitter thread were people discussed this, but I cannot find it again. The best I could find in my timeline is this one, saying “it's a complex question, but still it is voting with your dollar for a lower-emissions system”:


@blipp I think the main issue is that, for most of the U.S., there are few, if any, passenger train options for most air routes. When there are routes, you might have one or two connections per day. Shorter commuter routes are better, but you would never think of flying for those to begin with. Europe has *much* better rail infrastructure!

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