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Recent instance outage prompted me to move here and consolidate. All former profiles point here. (excluding

. I do what I want. This currently includes:


owner (RPi2B)

I am:

(after four decades of fundamentalist christianity)

in learning

Fan/Supporter of:



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Run update - 5mb - proceed? - oh sure

Run update again - 423mb - proceed? FML

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China going vegan? Massive decline in meat consumption, vegetarian restaurants double in 5 years in Shanghai
In 2014, a Xinhua news agency report claimed that more than 50 million people shun meat in their meal in ...

advice from a dying woman Show more

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My timeline is a bizarre medley of technical rambling, cute anime girls, highly diverse discussions about politics, people talking about shows and movies, and discussions of a far more personal nature. And shitposting.


Having said that I look forward to a smoother Pleroma experience of following Masto users. I can definitely see migrating to that platform as my main federated social identity. Me, on a lightweight server of one, running off of my Raspberry Pi. interacting with all my fave users/instances of any fed type. That's my goal. Decentralized as heck.

Pleroma is cool and I had fun setting it up, but for daily use it kinda feels like early Beta version. Hubzilla is just a hot mess from a UI/UX perspective. Lots of great potential and protocol interactivity built in, but actually figuring out how to use it and what you can do with it is maddening. Evidently only certain servers are set up to federate with Mastodon. Which ones? Good question. Google seems unaware of a list. I'm kinda meh on both, as well as GnuSoc and PostActiv. Oh wellz...

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Big exciting stuff: @CobaltVelvet of hosting service #Maastodon needs to share the workload, is interested in making it a cooperative/transferring responsibility to us!

Share thoughts:

There is also a planned group chat, weigh in on what time is best for you:

If you are not a member but would be interested in joining a co-op tech team, consider getting involved! Please boost for visibility~

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So someone posts a screenshot of their speedtest. I think "Ha, they will laugh at how horrible my speeds are here!" So I run a test and realize I don't have a screenshot app installed. Huh. So I search and find one and install it. Error. Package has some typos. So I edit my .bashrc to make VIM my default editor then run the install again, edit the package file, correct the typos, finish the install. Cool.

Then I try to capture the speedtest and can't find how to run the screenshot applet I just installed. It's not showing up under applets. wtf? So I right-click the screen, and..........

yeah, Firefox has a screenshot tool built in.


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@CobaltVelvet Alice - the person I've been talking with is @mayel - I'm copying you both by way of introduction. He can take over from there.

Also, no need to cc me on the convo :)

Full disclosure - my only tat so far

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It has now been 0000 days since I have posted the Dr. Doom tooting image.

Thank you for your time.

I got toots and faves and follows and all sorts of stuff going on between here and my new instance - it's like a big tootception all up in here!

I like that the instructions come from a blog post/page titled "The magical world of Pleroma" - magic indeed

Raspberry Pi image wiped - check
New Raspbian Stretch Lite image burned - check
Reboot - SSH in to box - check
Reading Pleroma install instructions - hmmm, this might actually work?

When your fancy PC doesn’t have the right slot...