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finally got around to backup up my Ubuntu box, since it's now my main PC. Probably very overdue. Timeshift system snapshot, done. BackInTime user data backup, in progress. Next - backup of my main media drive (only 300gb or so). But I won't rest easy until the photos/videos have an offsite backup...

When I go to an instance page, I expect the 'look inside' to show me the local timeline, or basically what the instance users are chatting about. Instead I often (always?) see what appears to be a federation timeline. If that's all I see, then what is the purpose of this 'look inside' feature? It tells me nothing about the instance...

Recently 'discovered' using perl-style substitution operators with sed and awk to fix problems in a hundred or more text files. The 's/old/new/' syntax thing.

Just now found an *OLD* email discussion list where I was evidently trying to use Perl to parse through a GEDCOM file. I was actually reading through a Perl book. I also got a very helpful response from someone at HP Labs. So I didn't discover anything, I just re-discovered something I had long forgotten.

Ah, those olden internet daze..

Lets all collectively make this #request go up the list! The most replies on any "idea" is 23 on their idea form so if 23 of us had ideas about how #ActivityPub could or should be implemented in #ghost that should be a simple matter. The future of #blogging is closer then we might imagine.
thanks @drequivalent for starting this issue on the ghost forum.

It's showing up like my normal webmention notifications and I can read and reply to them in my reader apps, different apps on my computer and my phone.

So I wrote a thing about what I want in a blog. I don't think I want anything really crazy here...

So after we moved to a rental w/ a 44" 4KTV and I built a big-ass Linux box, I guess I should have known I would switch my computing habits. My laptop is gathering dust, literally. Today it dawned on me that I have a perfectly wonderful thumb-trackball in my laptop bag. Switched it out w/ the cheap mouse I've been using, and wow it is so much better on this huge screen!

Once again I realize how much I hate meetings and procedures, even in virtual online spaces. I love ActivityPub and the fediverse, but if your new app or platform idea starts with weeks of Discourse chats that involve multiple channels for one meeting, I'm probably going to just wait until your product rolls out (if ever). It's like the online version of office people who do nothing but hold meetings just to hold meetings. That's crazy-making.

My #Tor client tells me that the tor servers in my circuit "are failing more connections than usual", and I get this warning for different circuits.

Does someone know more?

tfw you realize that the 'source' book you've been using for genealogy is actually 100% cut-and-pasted text from web sites. All 476 pages. *headdesk*

Since we're forcing even US Citizens to divulge social media ID's and passwords, I just spent hours sanitizing my 'other' social media timelines. Paranoid or smart? To be determined...

And after trying every known editor under the sun (gedit, kedit, ed, vi, vim, neovim, Spacemacs, Atom, Notepadqq, Write!, Kakoune, etc. I am somehow back to Sublime Text 3, which has somehow managed to make it out of beta after 4 years. I'm retired, so I'm holding off on the $80 price until it nags me to death. But still, the PlainTasks plugin is hitting that sweet spot between TaskWarrior (CLI) and other full-blown bloated dedicated task/project apps. Yellow notepad effects ftw!

also finally 'get it' re: Snap packages. My copy of Atom installed by apt was showing to be right around 500MB! Only 150MB in Snap. But guess what? Sublime Text is only 26MB. WTH? Sublime Text it is. Now reading an article titled "Electron is Cancer" LOL

Today was fun - after switching from Ubuntu 18 + Gnome over to KDE a few weeks ago, I finally got my KDE-Desktop into a workable state. HiDPI has been very finicky so far, but as of now my fonts and icons are all readable across all system settings, windows and apps. Perhaps a bit on the large size, but hey - it works.