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So we're watching this crazy Australian comedy 'Sisters'

At the end of each episode they have this very brief music piece, electric piano, old school. My brain recognized it. But it's not exactly the version I was familiar with. So I thought either it was a weird acoustic version of the song, or the song I knew had sampled it. A quick Google took me right to it.

The original is this interesting song. From 1975, Labi Siffre's "I Got The..." - fast forward to around 2:30 to hear the exact piece of music used on this TV show.

Sound familiar? Yep, it's pretty much the whole beat to this tune you and several hundred million people may have heard before.

Yes, I'm 57. Yes, I am that familiar with an Eminem tune. Don't @ me...

so when did Mastodon turn off the ability for an individual to *block* an instance? (vs. just hiding it)

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To use your mobile device with your #Pleroma running on your Raspberry Pi inside your home network...

1 - install Privoxy on Pi
2 - add a listenaddress entry in /etc/privoxy/config for your.pi.ip:8118
2 - add entry for your #Pleroma instance domain name into the /etc/hosts file on your Pi


3 - Point your mobile device's wifi http proxy setting to your Pi's IP address, using port 8118

Now you can use your favorite mobile app w/ your own self-hosted #Pleroma instance over your home WiFi without burning up your mobile data plan megabytes...and when you are out and about on 4g, or if you are somewhere else using WiFi, it will just work like normal.
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First day on new #Pleroma instance. Probably going to hit 30 posts/day. Good start.
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Damn. If I'd known I was about to hit 1K toots, I'd have tooted much more profoundly!

did my instance unfederate or go offline overnight? timeline has big gap from 8 hours ago to 24 minutes ago. I follow 87 folks, normally not that quiet...

So my is up, kinda sorta. Don't think it is federating right yet. :(

I really don't know what I was thinking. install on my Raspberry Pi kicking my ass. *AGAIN* - every damned time. seems like both tcp and tcp6 are trying to listen to ports? Same port? Half a day later, 30 attempts at a fix later, still not working *FUCKING HELL*

status: prepping my Pi for Pleroma reinstall *headdesk*

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I still don't understand how federating works on Pleroma. I just made an account on another Pleroma instance ( and browsed this current account ( I couldn't see my posts, even though they are all public? Why is that? #pleroma

someone I follow just mentioned the Red Pill docu and gave it some credibility. I did a couple of Googles and some reading and..........nope nope nope. Unfollow. Block. *sigh*

OR NOT - dammit. Had to use router as DHCP for the Pi, then use Pi-hole as the DHCP for the rest of the devices, but the result was that one and *only* one of my web sites (sub-domain of another site) was completely inaccessible. I gave it a few hours of troubleshooting, then just turned off the pi-hole dhcp and re-enabled full dhcp on the router. Odd, to be sure, but well fuck. Now I have to set all devices to use pi for dns? *sigh*

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Installed pi-hole again - realized my new apartment has a router that doesn't allow you to change the DNS - thought I was sunk, but - no - all good!

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Mastodon anxiety: FOBOWI

(Fear Of Being On the Wrong Instance)

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I unmuted everyone I ever muted before. Makes it easier to block them when they come back around spouting idiocy.

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It seems to me recent controversy was about whether an instance must block its user because of the pressures of other instances blocking them based on a history where that user used a blocklist intended to block toxic people who amongst other things were against blocking, but some of the wrong people were blocked on that blocklist.

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