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Why is it that when I have a locked account I only get follow notifications after I approve a follow request instead of when I receive a follow request?

This is true on the web interface as well as every app I’ve used.

#Mastodon #Mastodev

you guys. Beto O'Rourke was in a punk band. I don't even like punk, but this is like next level street cred

side note - they are playing Ray Charles lol

also trying my first chemex coffee today - not bad for a little 'fishing village' in Mexico

Charging laptop from wall. Charging iPhone from laptop. Laptop is using iphone hotspot for internet. So power route = AC > laptop > DC > iPhone and wifi route = Telcel > iPhone > bluetooth > laptop

All this because coffee shop cancelled AT&T because their wifi was down a week. Next week they will have Telcel hotspot set up, all wifi through the local cell tower. Speeds reported up to 30mbps download !

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Going back through old folders and finally moving all current project into Google Docs to make use of excellent visual revision history. Taking everything from old Scrivener structure (dozens of individual files) back into one cohesive document, then updating. Added all content of 'Draft 2' into my original. Started on Draft 3. Oops! It seems that I mislabeled Drafts 2 and 3 in reverse order. Sunuva.... Well, so that's going to be fun to unwind.

Now desktopping with Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon - what a nice experience! Don't really know why I resisted trying this distro for so long...

Want a fast, EASY way to share files between Linux devices on your local LAN?

Lan Share - movie copied over before I could finish making this post!

had this Logitech bluetooth keyboard for ... maybe 4-5 years? Just now noticed this little camera icon on the tab key. Evidently there's a built-in screenshot function! Fn +
Tab grabs the whole screen and opens up a save-as box. Even on Linux. I guess this is mimicking the PrtScr button? Huh.

So there was this forum that kept sucking me in to argue with idiot climate change deniers, mainly over anything related to Tesla. Finally got smart and just added that entire domain name into uBlock Origin! Feeling much more calm now. :)

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Joe Rogan is Gwyneth Paltrow for men.

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give that boost a bop
if you say FUCK COPS

Oh Mexico. Woke up at 4:50am and couldn't get back to sleep because of the house music dance party going on somewhere about a half mile away. It's a holiday weekend. *sigh*

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“FamilyTreeDNA, an early pioneer of the rapidly growing market for consumer genetic testing, confirmed late Thursday that it has granted the FBI access to its vast trove of nearly 2 million genetic profiles.”

related note - not a big fan of Elixir. Feels a lot like Composer when installing/uninstalling things.

aaaaaaaaaaaand - I'm back. As much as I enjoyed the experience of running my own instance, man, what a beatdown to maintain or update. It's slow, lots of cryptic errors. For me, the UX/UI felt like it was designed by programmers. So yeah, back to the main masto-fedi for me...

SUNUVA......... :(

Forgot that during the internet outage I reset my router. Had to re-enable DMZ to let the Pi connect :(

Try again, I think it's all good now - thanks guys-n-gals!

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