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Dmitri Popov @dmpop

TIL: The major of Herzogenaurach is, wait for it, German Hacker. No, seriously: You can't make this stuff up.

Stripes and bold colors. New photo on Unsplash 🇩🇪📸☀️

This bird poop GIF shows Google is sweating the details of its self-driving cars

TV dinners: The hidden cost of the processed food revolution

New word by yours truly. Writearound: writing workaround.

My latest photography hack: use a pine cone as an SD card holder.

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What happened at Canonical:"Canonical’s sudden U-turn on Unity is the tip of a rather large iceberg that has ploughed through departments dumping staff in its path, and this hulking chunk of ice has ‘IPO’ chiselled on its side." #foss #opensource #canonical #ubuntu

No concrete today. New photo on Unsplash 📷🇩🇪🏠

15+ of the Coolest Bookstores to Visit Around the World:

Geometric simplicity of concrete. New photo on Unsplash 📷🇩🇪🏠

Starting the week with a dash of color. New photo @unsplash: