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Heiligste Dreifaltigkeit church in Fürth, Germany. New photo on Unsplash

TIL: The major of Herzogenaurach is, wait for it, German Hacker. No, seriously: You can't make this stuff up.

Stripes and bold colors. New photo on Unsplash 🇩🇪📸☀️

This bird poop GIF shows Google is sweating the details of its self-driving cars

TV dinners: The hidden cost of the processed food revolution

New word by yours truly. Writearound: writing workaround.

My latest photography hack: use a pine cone as an SD card holder.

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What happened at Canonical:"Canonical’s sudden U-turn on Unity is the tip of a rather large iceberg that has ploughed through departments dumping staff in its path, and this hulking chunk of ice has ‘IPO’ chiselled on its side."

No concrete today. New photo on Unsplash 📷🇩🇪🏠