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I really should do my writing incoming post for this year.

BOOKS & BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy with small town charm in a city of the dead.

It is currently up for funding on #kickstarter as I can't afford to publish it on my own. If you're able, I'd really appreciate your help!

It's a story about frantic research, the boundaries of magic, and the love of home, however strange.

It's mildly spooky and very warm. I hope you'll like it!

Thanks so much to everyone who has backed so far.

#writing #fantasy

I should be writing but I don't want to kill off this character. :(

Yeah, didn't write this lunch break. Ended up cuddling with spouse and watching Ghosted instead.

Flight of the Scions 44: Combat Leadership

Kanéko struggles to finish her weapon against Damagar. Her father gets involved, interrupting her as he demand answers.

It's #ThankfulThursday and I'm thankful for:

+ there being plenty of fiction to read: Metric Oodles of fic from @aldersprig, a new chapter of Nai from @rix_scaedu, and @Shutsumon has restarted Tales of the First.
+ @InspectorCaracal for running this instance and working to make it ever better.
+ @fluffy for spotting where I'd gone astray with a flask app, she's got some nifty comics and music too.
+ Caffeine for helping me stay conscious
+ wireless earphones, niftier than LED watches.

“So you’re really going through with the operation?”
“But, what about your humanity? Aren’t you worried about losing yourself when you’re mechanical?”
“When did I ever give the impression that I wanted to be human?”

I stumbled on someone who blocked me and I've just spent the last four hours hating myself for doing whatever I did to cause it. I assume I said something stupid.

Depression sucks.

So is social awkwardness.

It's on Facebook, but last year I was on a little video interview from Alban Lakes books, a local publisher I helped for quite a few years.

I just realized: One thing I'm missing from the Fediverse are event calendars.
I'm currently in a group of people planning a climate protest, and we're using Facebook to post events there for people to subscribe to.
I'm not aware of any federated social network / tool where I could post a calendar event and people could subscribe to it.
That would be a really useful feature to get more people off Facebook.

I'm thinking about doing a poem a day of for April. Might be fun since I haven't done much these days.

One drawback of not being able to go to my writing group is that I can't get feedback on my projects. Like these chapters for Raging Alone I'm working on, I don't know if they are rough or over the top.

I just realized that next week is the climax chapter of Flight of the Scions. An epic battle of engineering verses a giant psychic toad. Who will win?What is it with the epic anime attacks that require power ups?

... why don't I have the next novel done?

Flight of the Scions 44: Combat Leadership

Kanéko struggles to finish her weapon against Damagar. Her father gets involved, interrupting her as he demand answers.

I think the universe is telling me to work on spell-check issues next sprint. 😀

Hrm, is there an embeddable comment system that uses fedration/#ActivityPub instead of Disqus/Isso/Embedded ? I'm mainly looking for static sites.

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Sometimes you might want to mute or disable comments/replies. Shipping in v0.9.0 🚀#pixelfed

If you're a computer programmer and you've heard of the Dat protocol but looked at the docs and still scratched your head (I was there myself a few months back), there's a new guide that explains in very clear, very detailed language what Dat is and how it works.

Just to be clear, I do not recommend it for non-programmers as that is not the intended audience but I *highly* recommend it for programmers:

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