Well, I think I figured out my Language Server Protocol woes with . I should be writing, but I want to see all my grammar errors in @AtomEditor first. Now just to write an Atom plugin, update the Rust code to provide it, and wire it all together.

I decided to highlight overuses of "was" and "as" in my latest WIP. I'm sad because there were a lot of lines showing.

On the other hand, feedback from the writing group (after my hackles went down) is helpful. I'm just saddened of their immediate reaction. :( I make a point of not writing SA and two of the readers just assumed it was. I'll need to fix that.

Raging Alone 14: The Cliffs

Days later, Desòchu still struggles with his father's disappearance and the clan's silence. But how far would he go when he finally loses his temper?

Normally I'd shift gears at this point but it looks like getting LSP working is going to require the largest retooling of they library which means I probably have to focus on it.

Another night of trying to figure out how to implement a LSP server in Rust. Nothing worked out at this point and I don't have the base skills to understand what is going on. :(

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Looked into creating a language service protocol server in Rust. Found out it is way too big at this point so I need to figure it how to break this apart.

@dansup I say chrono because if you drive it based on like/replies, you encourage comments that appeal to the baser instincts, which frequently means inflammatory, rude, or destructive. You do get the intelligent ones, I just think it also drives other behaviors to get that top spot.

I'm suspecting that my writer's group doesn't like POV angst. :) Or my desert culture's fear of death.

Got an interim review, the romance reader in the group likes my romance. Of course, they are the one who suggested the bi part but still, I like when someone likes what I write.

Ug, so many streaming services being announced by different networks. No way can I afford or want to afford a subscription to each. Everyone wants "more money".

Besides, most of my personal entertainment budget goes to Patreon, Kickstarter, and direct-to-folks subscriptions. The household? Less control.

Today is turning out to be one of those clusterfuck days. It's going to be "fun".

Raging Alone 13: Grief

When Desòchu wakes up, his father is still missing and now he is fully responsible for his brother. Without anyone to comfort him or allow him to grieve, what could he do?

One of these days, I'll actually get Beehive to work for me. :)

Raging Alone 13: Grief

When Desòchu wakes up, his father is still missing and now he is fully responsible for his brother. Without anyone to comfort him or allow him to grieve, what could he do?

I was so hopefully that I had that PR fixed but... no, the Mac build failed but I could only find out after I took it off draft.

Why do Macs have to be so different than everyone else? :(

I stumbled on the crate for the language server protocol and now I want to get Author Intrusion set up properly to use that. But I still have spell-checking issues to do first.

Coding weeks are fun, but so many things I want to do.

is coming soon and it doesn't look like the "random factors are going to align" so I won't make the fifth year (but hopefully the sixth).

Though, I suspect my changing of cover art styles is going to hamper my SPFBO entry when I can submit. :) But, I like how the style carries over across all the books which I couldn't do with the Chimípu cover (plus, you know, the book is from Rutejìmo's POV).

Social is the worst though, I have on my phone: Twitter, Tusky for Mastodon, Slack, Discord, Riot for Matrix, Bacon for Reddit, Teams, Signal. All because different communities want different things.

Slack and Discord are my least favorite though because they can't be customized for my flaws. At least Slack allows multiple accounts, Discord doesn't and I need that for work so I can't have a personal at the same time.

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