@tindall While reading your thread on Discord stupidity, I think you or someone mentioned and . Have you had a chance to play with those? Any good for replacing Discord?

Wow, that one of the more painful 1.8k lunch hours I've had in a long time. :( But better than the last two weeks of non-writing because of weather.

Flight of the Scions 46: Celebrations

After the battle, the three recover in Rock River. Kanéko is shunned by the others but her two friends are willing to stand next to her.

I don't think there's anyone about who hasn't seen it, but if you're feeling generous you can support my #kickstarter to publish my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy novel, BOOKS & BONE.

I'm now trying to hit the first stretch goal to cover the cover art and the cost of ISBNs so I can get it into libraries and shops and just ... other places than Amazon.


Thanks to all who have supported so far! 💙

The boys have been watching too many videos. Now I want to create a -based trailer for my books.

@aldersprig My icon matches the current serialization. I finished serializing one novel on Tuesday and the next starts next Tuesday.

I tried to draw a Greater California Roadrunner but the stamp may have gotten placed over it. Sorry.

@tindall That was one reason I jumped on Ello when they announced they were going to be a Public Benefit Corporation and not be driven by money/profit.

... but then they pretty much locked everyone out of it for everything but their own site. :( So they ended up doing the same thing.

@tindall Yeah, that part sucks. I can see their point also (it costs money for servers), but it is going down the Twitter and AIM approach where they lock down the clients/protocols more and more trying to "capture" users to justify making more money.

(I was not happy when my job moved me to Discord from Slack. I thought at least Mattermost was a better migration.)

@Alamantus I love that game and regret not having a game system that can play it since it won't move to Steam.

Since I realized that a number of people have trouble with seeing pictures with people staring out on them, I switched my online avatars to match the currently serialized novella. So, here is the next image you'll see for the next 17-20 weeks or so.

For those who are waiting until the end, this is it. Flight of the Scions has been completely serialized. As I get money (maybe supported by patrons), I'll get it edited and published properly.


Next week, I start with Raging Alone, a novella associated with my first three novels.


Flight of the Scions 46: Celebrations

After the battle, the three recover in Rock River. Kanéko is shunned by the others but her two friends are willing to stand next to her.

My driveway is so slick that I couldn't get the minivan up to the garage. So it's sitting there, getting snow piled on it, and helpfully blocking the other car from getting out. I'm also out of salt so... I'm stuck at home for a day or two.

Well, writing that letter took a bit longer than I expected.

Too many little things on my list. I'm going to have to push my writing sprint back a day. :(

hey Guys! Did you know I have a #Patreon?

I’d like to get over $100/month by the end of this month - that helps cover things like character art, domain names, server space, and my time writing!


Please Boost~

It also means my avatar icon is going to change within the week since it tracks the current serial.

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