Ug, I had to punt. I really want to maintain my one chapter/week until at least 500, but my brain is fried still. So, I had a short story that was rejected recently, so I'm switching to that to get further along with Allegro.

But, Allegro adjacent since two of the characters in Songbird in a Kitchen are also in Allegro (on in the next two chapters of Allegro).

Still, I wished I could keep going but too many 04:00 nights trying to get a release out the door next week.

Well, that story is somewhat the story I intended to write, but I only had a limited time so I feel pretty good for a 3k story over my lunch. Just old men talking about old women. Oh, and a telekentic corn verses scythe fight.

Curse of the Blood Corn

I've had a productive month of so far. I'm also really glad I also figured out how to get my static site to generate a ICS file with future posts (though the current daily story doesn't show up right).

I only had a half hour lunch today, so I ended up doing a little housekeeping on Fedran, my world, and wrote up why I have "0100-00" on the spines of my first novel and all over the site.

Short answer? I'm hoping I won't write more than 9998 different POVs in a single setting and I like to keep everything neat.

I also went and tagged almost every story with an identifier.

I reworked my content warnings on my website so they are more obvious. This also means I can add them to the flash fiction and micro-stories I've been .

Oh, and a new 15-minute, short story for the /#Halloween season: Offers of Blood and Candy.

Sharpening Duties

Karin sat among the freshly cooked pies sharpening the sword of a murderer. The smells of apples and cinnamon where strong as was the stench of blood that still clung to the blade. It had been cleaned before it was presented to her but Karin could still tell.

So I noticed "Coins For Your Troubles", my adventure retirement story finished up last week. So if you want to read a little May-September romance, consider checking it out. Free to read but doesn't have a cover (or a summary apparently).

Speaking of which, I just finished Baahubali (1 and 2) and loved it for my first introduction to movies. Any recommendations for movies in the same vein: , lovely fight scenes, nice romance?

This decade (2015 to 2025) will be focused on my high world called Fedran ( including a good-sized wiki and a lot of cross-linking of characters, locations, and back-story.

I do have a fairly queer-friendly world but everything is written as unreliable narrators and there are biased characters who aren't. I also add good-sized content warnings in front of every novel, visible on the page (such as here: ( so I hope I'm clear.

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I'm looking into how hard it would be to host my own API server so I could map my world using tools I know. That's... really complicated and probably "out of scope" until I finish a few more projects.

I really like working with .

Today starts my National Month set of blog posts. Most of the poems are going to be based on stories or characters for my world, just because I like focusing on a single setting.

I'm thinking about doing a poem a day of for April. Might be fun since I haven't done much these days.

This uses my arbitrary culture calendar which lets me use custom months and days and hours based on what I want for my world.

And today someone actually asked about it (yay) so I wrote up a brief intro to my packages to handle it.

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It's been over a year and some company was stupid so time. Almost everything I do is centered around : a high and/or chapter every week (free because of and others)

...write various programs to help writers with a technical bent (static site, CI-based publication system, writing analysis) some graphics for my books for my worlds ( this month)

...write about and folks (cabbit)

I just updated Flight of the Scions on Wattpad to include all the edits, split chapters, and everything up to chapter thirty-one.

NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 35: Confrontation

This week a short, naughty chapter of Mindil finally confronting Lily for sleeping with her husband. But, not everything is what Lily expects and soon she finds out that Mindil not only doesn't make, she wants more herself.

Because my lunch hour turned into a 20 minute choke-down-the-food-before-the-meeting, I started to teach my site how to tag novels on the front page.

Bodice Rippers and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 30

When Lily wakes up with a torn dress and a man face-down in her lap, there really is only one thing she can do: try not to get too excited and take a shower. Of course, even a simple task like that can be fraught with dangers.

Gender Roles, Guilt, Archetypes, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 21

This week's naughty chapter is about Lily coming home to find Hasan cooking dinner for him. Unexpected, she finds that she wants him even more and her resolve to avoid cheating with Mindil rises up until she is forced to take matters into her own fingers.

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