WIP 1 (Allegro)

1. Based on Lindsey Sterling's music video, Roundtable Rival.
2. Linsan is also based on Vanya from Umbrella Academy.
3. Brook is addicted to caffeinated/energy drinks.

WIP 2 (Songbird in the Kitchen)

1. Karin's power is sharpening.
2. She is in her 40s.
3. She's never been married.

28, top of the is Harley Quinn. She started off as a minion in an animated series and has turned into a well-developed character of her own. She got herself out of an abusive relationship, married Poison Ivy, and still ends up being good on occasion.

27: Maris Germudrir. She is an adorable dog girl who started roughly with Kanéko but eventually ended up be best friends. She has an immense amount of magic. She is also loyal, friendly, forgives instantly, and will give everything to defend her friends.

I love that she isn't the smartest, but is the epitome of brute force. When Kanéko is mortally injured, Maris doesn't know where to find a healer, so she decided it is better to fly at mach one back home to save Kanéko.

26: I'm trying to write a breadth of experiences going on in a world, inspired by hearing stories of the end of WW2. By its nature, I write folks falling in love, struggling with death, and fighting for their lives all in the same time. Same time, different lives.

This is a source of self-doubt and guilt. By the nature of that effort, I have to wander out of of my lane. While I will never claim Own Voices and I don't pretend I'm anyone but myself, I still worry I do wrong.

25: Because of how I program and read, I have a tendency to memorize large swaths of everything. Even years later, I find myself working on the memory version instead of what is on the page. So, I cannot see my mistakes unless someone points them out. I *need* betas.

24: With me multi-classing as a Developer 15/Writer 3, I'm usually inflicted with so many projects, tasks, and goals that I struggle to read. However, when I burn out from those, I usually read 2-3 books/day until I recover.

23, due to previously having 5 km lunch walks before I broke my leg, I had a lot of time to work out the ideas I had for my interconnected stories. Most of them rattled around my head for a while before I had to start writing them down.


Overall, I'm trying to write a world war, one POV at a time. So everything is tied together for the events leading up to the war, the war itself, and if I'm still writing, what happens after the world.

22: Interaction. I mean, money is nice, but at this point, I crave discussions, like buttons, and feedback. I want people to request stories or want to know more about what is going on. I want reviews, threads, and debate. Someone to look forward to the next chapter.

21 - I'm not malicious and I want everyone to succeed where I can't. I'm pretty much at the point I doubt I'll ever succeed (see tomorrow's answer), but that doesn't mean I don't want others to shine. So almost everything I do is trying to help by whatever means I can.

One reason I stopped doing reviews was because I realized I was giving critiques aimed for the author. That upset a lot of folks and I didn't want to hurt anyone, so no more.

I boost when I can.

20: Theme song?? If I had to pick one, I had to go with Mahna Mahna in its various combinations.


When writing romance, I Kissed A Girl by Jill Sobule.


19: Oh, writer's block is real. For me, it is a case when the words coming out of my fingers don't match my imagination, expectations verses reality. It also happens when I'm on the wrong side of the knowledge vs skill curve. To handle it? "Just keep swimming."


Characters? Bigots, religious, and self-centered people have a lot of trouble. My writing group hates my inner demon characters which is a problem since I like writing them, so I might have a problem there.

Scenes? My scenes are like concrete, they are harder to change the longer I don't touch them. Going back and reworking them, more so when I'm 5-20 chapters past are painful to say the least.

17: Fedran was created to give me a different of places to explore.

Kormar is pretty much open to anything but has a preference toward straights.

Tarsan, on the other hand, has a strict restrictions and the role of men and women.

Kyōti is homophobic but okay with trans as long as they present traditional roles.

UHT is polyam and rarely are fathers and husbands the same thing.


Linsan: Violinist dancer willing to do anything for her family's honor.

Brook: Rich girl with a talent for driving avenging her father's death.

Agani: Bankrupt mechanic with nothing left to lose.

15: I use a technique from the old Dragon magazine by coming up with three significant events in their lives that shaped them, three motivations, and one secret.

Then, since I have too many projects, I spent a month thinking about their futures and past.

14: Most of my characters are based on people I have random conversations with. I'm gregarious and an extrovert at times. As much as some go into details, I will have never have experienced the depth of anyone so I feel that everything I write is for the wrong reason.

Ultimately, I'm only able to write other lives through the variety of my dreams and fantasies with the relatively limited correction of those interactions with others.lives so they will will never true as I want.

13: I feel that I was strongly influenced by *A Wizard of Earthsea* by Ursula Le Guin (Plus Omelas is *wonderful*), *Paksenarrion* by Elizabeth Moon, *Level 7* by Mordecai Roshwald, and *Fast Trip* by James White. Those are pretty much my pillars of inspiration.

12: Well, there is probably one fictional mascot that I have identified with for many years: Ryo-Ohki! She's a cat, she's a rabbit, she's a spaceship capable of blowing away meteors while yelling "meow!" during dives.

11: There will be no breakout successes, no amazing deals, no hordes of fans who love your reading. It's going to be a long journey: painful, heartbreaking, and filled with endless doubt. You will quit every night for decades still won't be able to stop.

Just keep swimming.

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