Lexember 11 - Hissan - as

On Lexember 11, 2019, I present "as" as "to move air by exhalation, to blow."

World-Building - Telepathy

Magic is a funny beast in Fedran. Using some of the concepts I got from my various religion classes in college, I decided that no one actually knows how magic works. While there are some consistent rules that are evolving as I write, no technique or system that encompasses everything. That goes for

Lexember 10 - Hissan - boosly

On Lexember 10, 2019, I present "boosly" as "to walk away from a fight to calm down."

Raging Alone 24: Answers

Desòchu arrives at the vultures and finds the answers he had been looking for. They were not the ones he wanted.

9 - Hissan - flinork

On Lexember 9, 2019, I present "flinork" as "the violent reaction of disharmonious magical energies."

7 - Hissan - oplin

On Lexember 7, 2019, I present "oplin" as "to change the frequency of magic to match another."

6 - Hissan - gsach

On Lexember 6, 2019, I present "gsach" as "the resonance of magical energies interacting."

World-Building - Hidanork Land Magic

The whole idea of the United Hidanork Tribes started with Elizabeth Moon's The Deeds of Paksenarrion. It was the first time I heard of the term taig to refer to the land itself as a distinct being capable of magic and awareness. I'm not sure about the history of the word (and my Google search isn't

Raging Alone 23: The Fires Within

Still recovering from the night before, Desòchu realizes that he can't stay at the Wind's Teeth and survive. However, there is nothing around him except for a flock of vultures circling around their m

World-Building - Tent Pole Development

For this week's world-building post, I want to talk about tent poles. In this case, I'm not talking about the ones under a circus tent but ways of exploring the world through fiction and documentation (writing dictionary or encyclopedia entries).

DreamHost is trying to tell me I can host my own Minecraft server for the low, low cost of $149/month.

Actually, their DreamCompute is only $9/month which is more reasonable. But why didn't they mention that?

Raging Alone 22: Judgment

With his brush with death herself, Desòchu doesn't have long before he is faced with another trial. Can he fight for his life without the magic he had just touched?

World-Building - Magic and Trauma

Last week, I wrote a short story called I Will Hurt You Only Once. This is a story about Gichyòbi telling his young daughter about the rite of passage into adulthood such as Rutejìmo's in Sand and Blood. Both of these are about how trauma affects magic in the world of Fedran.

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