When I was younger (and still a graduate student), I realized that I had many very pretty dresses that I never had occasion to wear. I decided I didn't need an occasion! One day I wore a sleeveless floor-length ballgown (with the elusive POCKETS!!!) to class and then to work. When I got work, I was informed that our 19" rack had arrived 2 weeks early, and I as the lowly student was to assemble it ASAP.


Also, The Shop that always had someone in there was locked, so I had no tools available to borrow. Never fear, I'm an engineer! I was traveling light, but I still had my Leatherman Micra in my pocket (a bare minimum). I sat on the dusty hallway floor in my ballgown, assembled that rack with my Micra, and hauled it into the adjacent data center by myself.

Ever since, I've put a little more thought into what I wear to work. In my defense, that rack did arrive 2 weeks early!

@nethope When I worked for a clothing design company, I got into so many fights about pockets. I wanted them but the traditionalists, including my boss, didn't.

@dmoonfire You were so right to fight for pockets!!!

I no longer buy clothes without pockets near my hips. Just NO.

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