After a day of working with , I like a bunch of what it has, but I'm thinking @qownnotes with its flaws, might be a better approach.

But, I really like the cross-linking, tags, and the formatting in LS and the keyboard-centric operations over QON, but QON produces clearing Markdown for what I use it. And it almost has the tagging I want, I just have to learn enough to fix the false positives with the tagging (and maybe get a open tag page going).

@dmoonfire what are false positives in tagging and what do you mean by an open tag page?

@patrizio I have a bunch of links already in my notes that talk about Mastodon folks (such as "@dmoonfire") or have octothorps tags in them (Hitachi TV model CY07 C#G9LXU1M), but when I use "@" or "#" in the settings for "@tag tagging in note text" script, it treats them as false positives and not really links.

I prefer "#" for hash tagging (well, plus pascal case instead of underscore case, but that is a different issue), but when I try either "@" or "#", I get a couple hundred not-tags.

@patrizio I did a cursory look to see if it was a regular expression, but it looked a bit more complicated than that or I was missing something.

The YAML tagging sort of works, but it uses space-separation and screws up my YAML parsing (since it wants a list), plus it puts it at the beginning which causes Nextcloud Notes client to complain, so I was hoping for the # or @ tagging instead.


@patrizio As for the open tag page. One thing LogSeq has is the ability to scroll into a hash tag or link, then type Control-O and it opens up a page that has a list of all pages/notes that have that tag on them. Basically it creates a backlinks page instead of putting them in the sidebar.

I like that because I'm a keyboarder and it lets me navigate around with out. Actually, being able to open links under a keyboard via the keyboard would be awesome too.

"If I touch the mouse, I lose." :)

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@dmoonfire, so similar and not similar as :)

hm, but there are shortcuts to jump to the note list, but that's not enough for your use case...

You could open a feature request...

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