This is a truly interesting and novel game. The action and goal in the game is to ask for letters and write letters to people who might struggle with something or just want advice or someone to talk to.

I've never heard of anything like it before. Seems really interesting.

There's a 20 % sale the next 11 hours, and some of the money goes to charity. And it supports Linux. So why not give it a shot?


@forteller I play that game! Every once in a while, I hop on, write a bunch of things I hope are inspiring, try to ease folks who are writing about stress, or "what ifs" or "should I ask her out" type of questions. It's really lo-fi and sweet.

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@dmoonfire Cool! Thanks for telling me about your experience with it! I'm really curious about it, so I appreciate that!

@forteller You don't have that much room, maybe hundred words or so. You can get stickers back, but mostly, I'm just trying to be positive for others, encouraging and boosting. You don't get names or anything, just words fluttering in.

@forteller TBH, the things plaguing me are either existential or far too dark, so I don't ask for help, just give.

@dmoonfire Understandable. Thanks for trying to help others, though!

I'm trying to gift it to a friend I think would appreciate it, but I just get an error message every time I try to pay for it. Frustrating. Just 11 hours left, and I really should be getting to bed…

@forteller It might also be on sale via Humble Bundle and they give you a license key you can hand over.

@forteller Itch has it for $5, not sure how much I paid for it. I'm sorry you have having trouble with that. :(

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