@libreture: I was looking at my CBZ collection and I noticed that there are a bunch of metadata formats. Have you considered parsing those?

Thank you for the changes, it's looking nice.



Yes, I looked at CBZ metadata a while back and it seems there are conflicting sandards that are not always applied properly.

Can you tell which standard your CBZs are in?


And thank you for the kind comment about the changes. 😊

@libreture I'm in the process of grabbing all of my Humble Bundle comics over the years (still need another hundred to finish downloading) and then I can run a quick script on them.

I had a couple with zip comments in the past and one that had the two metdata (it was one of those "all three systems" data). I've seen the first three of ( in the wild but not the fourth.

@libreture But overall, there is no standard. I also know that the editing and metadata cleanup is not the main purpose of Libreture, I just like clean metadata. :)

@dmoonfire Oh me too.

I never wanted Libreture to mess with the files themselves, unlike MP3 software, but more than happy to support displaying what's there as much as possible.

Thanks for the standards link. Will double-check my knowledge and have another attempt at working out an approach.

Really want to support as much metadata as possible.

@libreture The drawback of not modifying the files though is if you fix the metadata with what you have, then when you download to read it, you won't see the corrections.

@dmoonfire Hmmmmm. Good point. I shall contemplate this.....

Thank you. ;)

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