I went on a bit of Humble Bundle spree because they have a few bundles that I wanted. Sadly, with that and my other CBZ files, I have to figure out how to upload almost 1k files to @libreture.


EEK! I'll put the kettle on.

Also, just for info: A few users have discovered that poorly constructed & optimised CBZs can cause upload issues on Libreture.

If you experience any problems, please let me know so I can investigate.

Good luck!

@dmoonfire .zip uploading is a sanity saver

(Of course, it's only after I've efficiently uploaded a buttload of files that I remember my inability to batch edit once they're up. I've played myself this way many times.)

@Cobalt That part is awesome. Last time I had to break my collection into 26 zips because if size. This time, it's less than a thousand files but many of them are CBZ. And my first test upload failed so I'm dreading it but going to do it anyways... just need time.

@dmoonfire Have you found a more efficient way to sort them by read status or where you got them than literally doing every single one individually?

I have an old work injury in my hand that is aggravated by doing those same tiny movements over and over.

@Cobalt No, I'm kind of hoping an API shows up. If all else fails, I'll figure out something; I'd just rather use provided access than making my own.

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