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As we come up to the end of the month, it is a good time to mention that I have posted a weekly chapter for about four years now. While free to read, my writing is supported by ( and Typewriter Press ( among others.

I don't really do much with tiers at all, $1/month gets you access to all my works in progress, polls for the next projects, and my appreciation. I also try to listen to suggestions or requests to the best of my ability.

Allegro 6: Revelations

Years later, Linsan is enjoying a picnic with her mother in the family's valley. However things aren't going as well as she thought and Linsan is left with some uncomfortable questions.

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"Don't move!" snapped the wizard.

The rogue stopped, rather more obediently than one would expect, cautiously frozen in place, "Why?"

"Do you want to go hurtling through pan-dimensional walls which would shatter your body, mind and soul, infinitely, leaving you both alive yet dead?"

"I wish to remain unhurtled, please."

The wizard gingerly lifted the prism from their nimble fingers and placed it back upon its pedestal with a tired sigh.

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And a little 7k story written for an obligation. John Wick carried me through but I'm going to *seriously* regret tomorrow morning.

A Gut Feeling

With her husband grievously injured, Gertrude went out to find someone who would be willing to look at his injuries. However, she ends up alone when an old enemies finds her.

Bah, switching from El Marachi to John Wick. I need to write about 3-4k words in the next two hours.

Why do I insist on watching Spanish, French, or Japanese movies without English dubbing when I'm supposed to be writing? poorly

Well, manage to write a little war piece for Sunday. Only 3k words but it fits nicely into the Mechanical War arc.

#MicroFic #Caturday 1/2

Emma hadn't meant to become one of those cat ladies.

She prided herself that she was not
quite there; her house was clean & smelled fresh; it was just that you couldn't walk 5 feet without tripping on a cat.

It had started with just one, Abe. Abe still slept with Emma most nights, though he was growing old. He'd brought home a stray somehow, that was Minnie, and from there - either they multiplied when her back was turned, or every cat in the county knew her home~

25 - So far, there aren't many languages that are being appropriated. Some aspects, such as the MIwafu's "Great" and "I speak for" patterns do show up in other languages but otherwise this is another topic where I haven't explored it much in fiction.

The cat hissed, and the dragon hissed back.

Outclassed, but not happy about it, the cat stalked away, growling.

After a minute, the dragon pushed its nose under a leathery wing and gently nuzzled the shivering white rat hiding there.

"You are safe now, tiny friend."

The rat squeaked and scurried away, leaving the dragon a little dejected.

Later that evening, the dragon was awoken by the rat returning with a tangerine to share.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy #Raturday This is a cool bundle! It's all books about various kinds of crafting - knitting, sewing, embroidery, home decor, gardening, crochet, knotting, restoring furniture - loads of fun stuff :D

I need to create a linter for my stories since I have a couple rules and I keep forgetting them. Now, if I could figure out how to get them as a task list showing up on my phone, that would be awesome. Things like broken links, missing epigraphs or summaries.

I'm frustrated that I can't find programs that do anything close to what I'm trying to do with making my world's map. But, I can find articles that *seem* to be it, just no code.

I may have to just focus on this road block that prevents me from understanding 3D graphics and manipulations. :( I just haven't a lot of success in the last fifteen years so far.

24: No, mainly because of the myriad of knowledge that I've seem to acquire over the years, I have never picked up enough understanding to create an instrument. And I don't want to just relabel something, throw some italics around it, and call it new.

The warrior strode into the busy market square and shouted "Hark!"
People paused, and fell silent when he drew his sword. To their astonishment, the sword sang, in a foreign language.
"What tongue is this," the warrior asked.
"It is a good sword. It deserves to come home."
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The demon appeared in the summoning circle, foaming at the mouth.
"I am busy!" it roared, waving a toothbrush.
"Oh! I'm sorry!" the warlock said. "Uh... I'll call you again in ten minutes?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Last Chance at Immortality

Gadoral was an inventor of death. His enchanted and mechanical devices were famed for slaughtering gladiators and murdering rebels. But, after years of brutality, he had lost everything and his final

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