Yesterday I posted about federated GitHub-like experiences, and a lot of you responded mentioning

Today, Drew DeVault announced their public alpha:


I feel like being in Limbo right now. None of my projects can move forward for the next few months (being responsible) which means I feel completely and utterly useless.

The writing obligation is moving forward nicely, just hit 30k last night and should be 10k from the end of the first arc. It's leading up to being about 80-100k words when I'm done.

But I can't *share* it with anyone. :(

help i made a poor decision and my computer is chugging hard rn

Finnnalllllyyyyy uploaded MewnBase v0.46 today. Took way too long to get this update wrapped up and out the door.

New features include a cargo trailer for your buggie, axe for choppin' trees, classy wood floor tiles, and colorable storage containers. Full notes over here:

#gamedev #indiegames #indiedev

Hello Federation.

We are happy to announce that we are finished basic federation support and will be merging it along with several new features this week.

It may take a few more weeks to iron out all the bugs, but we are confident from the tests we have done that it is ready for production use!

For the latest updates, star or watch the GitHub repo, #pixelfed

Bad news is doing a wonderful job of ruining my evening. At least I can put my spouse down for a nap, they needed it but won't ever admit it.

Oh, has support including quotes and `code` blocks. Well, that's awesome.

apparently, it's #transawarenessweek, so let's be aware of how cute and awesome all the trans folks here are.

Flight of the Scions 33: New Plans

Kanéko struggles to sleep the night they leave for the river. There are too many doubts and risks for their trip but she desperately needed sleep also.

I pretty much assume that when I respond to someone who doesn't really know me, I'm getting a "who the fuck is this person"?

Humans are hard. :(

I wish that Mastodon could have arbitrary emoji responses though. :( It makes me sad that the issue was pretty much rejected; I thought it would be awesome.

I know emoji responses are "low effort" interactions, but sometimes responding to "not friends" with that is all I feel comfortable responding.

I started putting a short poll (Love It, LIke It, Read It, Hated It, Ignored It) on my posts for that commission (it's for a forum) and finally started getting a bit of feedback.

I don't know why, but I have almost never gotten feedback and twenty years of posting stories.

I was going to write on my lunch break but my spouse and youngest showed up so I spent an hour chatting with them instead.

Anyone else get more excited for the 30 cents they make from selling an ebook than for their few thousand dollar paycheck from their dayjob?

Neat, the Rust book is written in Markdown and generated with mdBook, which is "like Gitbook but implemented in Rust." That's handy, since Gitbook went all closed-source. #rustlang

I volunteered to help at my kids school. I'm doomed, doomed to forever be dominated by .

Na, it's a good school and I'm happy to help. Plus I have author signings at the B&N already.

This weekend, I tried to set up a server for the kids but failed. My Pi is too old (an A) and the only good pocket minecraft server requires 64-bit. I might consider getting a new Pi after the holidays, mainly because they are so cute.

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