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Monthly accounting is done, had to write a Gulp plugin to automate handling Google's report but glad I got it. Not so glad on the lack of sales though.

Playing single parent for the weekend again and really need to work on this commission. I want these off my plate because I want to be able to focus on my own writing.

Finished a second round of hauling rocks. It was raining and EDM was spraying everything with a hose, so only got a dozen or so. When we moved in six years ago, this was beautiful, now a thistle patch.

I suck at gardening and the boys aren't old enough for those chores.

Saw Deadpool and loved it. The queer characters were awesome. Domino was just as awesome.

The trailer for Happytown Murders was funny af.

I would very much like to get to the point where I don't equate getting editors or sensitivity readers as a function of "years of income".

I need to get better.

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No greater pleasure, no greater joy, than finding beta readers for your book.

I'm starting to play "Sound of Silence" in the back of my head, which means my nightly depression is kicking in. So time to call it a night.

Tomorrow, I shall works on a commission.

Took a bit but fedran.com/ only lists the fully edited and completed novels now. It isn't as impressive but I'm happier with it. I put the works in progress, alpha and beta reader, and not-quite-dones on a secondary linked pages.

I just updated 145 chapters on to gather up typos, formatting, and epigraphs for my first four novels. wattpad.com/user/dmoonfire

Bah, I'm getting obsessed with the lifecycle of a novel for me.

Pre-Edit/Alpha Readers
Line Edited/Beta Readers
Done (I don't like Final because there are also corrections)

My brain keeps wanting to say:


And I've completed the fifth round edits for Second-Hand Dresses. fedran.com/second-hand-dresses I think I'm done until I can get enough money from Patreon to get an editor.

There are two features I really want Mastodon to have: arbitrary reactions because star/favorite/like doesn't quite have the breadth of Discord/Slack/Github's responses. And Markdown (italic, code, bold, blockquote).

misskey.xyz (from Gar's email) looks cool except my Japanese is absolutely terrible. But it has reactions...

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Flight of the Scions 7: An Ally

Bruised and humiliated, Kanéko arrives in Rock River. As Garèo is distracted by the appearance of his horse, she is forced to deal with the dog girl. Things go quickly wrong when Maris runs off withou

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Other piece I got done with recently. This is one where my paper quality bit me later. #Flowers #watercolor #illustration #fantasy #tattoo #lotus #sun #drapery #painting #neopiko #ink

I shall make it to thirty. Only fourteen chapters left to edit this round.