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As we come up to the end of the month, it is a good time to mention that I have posted a weekly chapter for about four years now. While free to read, my writing is supported by ( and Typewriter Press ( among others.

I don't really do much with tiers at all, $1/month gets you access to all my works in progress, polls for the next projects, and my appreciation. I also try to listen to suggestions or requests to the best of my ability.

Hey everyone! I just started a new #Patreon page to help support my attempts to be a Proper Game Dev with a Proper Game Studio

Check it out, maybe pledge a few dollars if you have them and want to help out, and thanks for reading either way. :3

#gamedev #gameing

I tackled another myth that seems to be rearing its ugly head due to #UBI coming up in the most recent Democratic debate:

I'm sure I had some additional links on this but I couldn't find them and had to resort to cold searching to find the ones used.

It's an early bed, so I'm trying to see if I can get a dead link check in Fedran to turn into some sort of "to do" list.

I only had a half hour lunch today, so I ended up doing a little housekeeping on Fedran, my world, and wrote up why I have "0100-00" on the spines of my first novel and all over the site.

Short answer? I'm hoping I won't write more than 9998 different POVs in a single setting and I like to keep everything neat.

I also went and tagged almost every story with an identifier.

I also need to come up with a better abstract cover page generator that makes prettier covers.

Instead of coding, I want to do documentation on my fantasy world but recently that has always led into the annoyance that I can't conceptually come up with a map because of skill/perception curves (I know whatever I draw is wrong but I don't have the skill to fix it).

Every couple of years, I need a good laugh so I bring up this link which does it every time:

So Your Cat Has Ass Breath.

All this talking about "planning" a novel instead of just having a vague idea where it starts and stops. It's... unnatural. :)

I deviate so much from outlines lately that it is only worthwhile to do 1-2 chapters ahead at a time.

We had parent teacher conferences for both boys last night.

C[0] has an attention problem, shuts down on the first sign of difficulties, and struggles to stay focused.

C[1] has a speech disability and doesn't handle things outside of his schedule well ("if you don't do this, you can't go out and play" "okay").

Both are apparently "extremely affectionate and wonderful to be around". Not sure where that comes from since I'm emotionally broken.

Raging Alone 16: Persistence

Soon it becomes apparent to Desòchu that he wouldn't make the Wind's Teeth before it grew dark. His only choice was to push as hard as he could, to race the darkness to safety. But would it be enough?

Wow, it is rare that I want to write instead of program when I'm getting stressed/depressed, but here I am... not wanting to do.

Not a lot of people liked my latest story, so my short stories are still really hit-or-miss when it comes to people reading them. :(

Got a pair of nice news, I got my first ko-fi so I got to see what it look like (need more experience to level, you know) and last night, someone encouraged me to post a Patreon update and then gave me thumbs up for the update (via a ko-fi). So, I feel like a writer today. :)

Spousal unit is suggesting I watch The Good Place with them. Might be interesting, I've caught a few shows.

Recently, more and more of the websites I go to are requiring email or SMS verification. I can't even choose to use Authy or something else, which is frustrating because I'm using my desktop to use the site but my phone has my email.

Apparently I want to write a short story for lunch.

... that was no on the schedule.

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