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Maintenance for today's lunch: SSL on discuss.moonfire.us/ , new theme, learning about integration SNS and SES for postings.

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@Elizafox @enkiv2 @skquinn I have a better idea. Make it obligatory for copanies to release (for inspection, not in the sense of open source) all code that is deployed on devices used in public or that affect the public, such as cars, public transport, traffic lights, etc. -- they did that for aviation, and it worked great.
This way you can spot the incompetent programmers fast and remove them, instead of protecting them with secrecy.

@Nezchan I'm fond of Baldur's Gate with the various add ons, but I played that for years.


This week is a short little chapter in Second-Hand Dresses which forces Lily to make a decision about her future. The path she chooses will color the events in the near future and eventually her fate.

Also a discussion about High Society and the fate of unmarried women along with entering Society.

Also naming conventions in Tarsan, mostly how they focus on family over individuals.

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I've posted Chapter 4, the final chapter, of "The Descent' rewrite on #wattpad #scifi #amwriting my.w.tt/UiNb/CwfdDfwMhE

Well, that was the flags I created. I'll have a better write up later once I get the wiki get updated. I wanted to aim for relatively simple flags, ones that were easy to remember and draw, ones that you can see from a distance, and distinct enough not to cause confusion. There are more, this was just the countries I'm mainly dealing with for the next few books/novellas.

@interfly: Posted on this link, thank you!

(Last one). Turfuno was the country "given" by four allies to the dalpre (animal people). It was to call their own. It was crappy land that no one wanted but at least they had a place to call their own.

The stars represent the allied countries who contributed to their country, the "eye" is to signify their animal heritage and also the animal/human hybrid of their nature.


Like most things in Kyōti, they don't use this flag. They have banners with names on it. But to have a "voice" in the Tarsan council, they had to have one. The star represents the sun clans, the moon is the night clans. octodon.social/media/hnX3Y06cm

Gepaul is one of the famlies that broke away from Tarsan (to the south east hence the position). The thirteen stripes are for the fathers that started the war for freedom.


Tarsan is the oldest and and most "civil" of the countries. It also drives a lot of the cultural elements for the surrounding areas.

The seven stars represent the seven "grand families" that run the country. The red are the pillars of the society as they seem themselves. The yellow stars verses the black are the final arrange of families that were fighting against each other before they found a truce.


Her brother's heirs (the Silver King) took the purple in his father's flag when they split their part of the country off. The eight bars on the side are the eight dukes who went with him with the large star being the Silver King's spirit. octodon.social/media/-lx-bARsb

Later during the industrial war, Kormar's kingdom split in two. The Golden Queen, along the northern areas, took the puzzle motif for her flag with a nod to her Tarsan allies who joined her in the fight (the yellow). The black is to signify her brush with death and the resolve to defend her new (smaller) country at all costs. octodon.social/media/RiausV1s0

Finished the flags I designed during my picnic. Have to write up the histories and reasons behind them, but nice to have graphics queued up for my site.

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Let's put the moose on the table and call health "insurance" what it is: a tax on living. We all need health care, and we all need to use it regularly to maximize our potential as individuals and as a nation.

We built the Interstate Highway System over 60-ish years at a cost exceeding $500 billion; we move more than $9,000 billion worth of goods via truck... every year.

Until we see universal single-payer healthcare as an infrastructure investment, America will continue becoming irrelevant.

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unicode consortium: hey we added three more alphabets so we all could communicate
people: 🔪🔪🔪 where my new emoji

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The Puzzle King's Will is still in his castle which became an animated death trap. A few times a year, when the doors open, adventuring parties dive in to loot the place before hopefully escaping with their lives before the doors close once again.

Somewhere in the castle is the will, which is why the siblings fund adventuring parties to find it.

To feel better, I started working on the maps for my world, Fedran (fedran.com/).

First up is one of the first flags for Kormar, back in the days when the Puzzle King still ruled.


The flags (and country) changed when he died without an explicit heir and his daughter and son drew the country into a civil war until finding an uneasy truce.

My plans for the Industrial War will have them finishing their civil war.