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Just scheduled my weekly chapters for fedran.com/ out until January 2019. :) I have a good buffer built up. The 200th consecutive chapter will be in this one, so I'll have to celebrate that.

My spouse is getting a tattoo and wanted to know what image I could get for her.

Me: "A cabbit. Either Ryo-oh-ki or Ken-oki".

Them: "You don't really identify with being male, so Ryo-oh-ki?"

I love them so much.

Got in a stupid obsession while knocking things off my to do list. There ten minutes fix for something at work took five hours. Once I started, I didn't want to go to bed unresolved.

Finished updating the Fedran theme and got a "real world" example. For Sand and Bone (book 3, fedran.com/sand-and-bone), generation went from 320.204 s to 50.180 s for a 6.3x improvement in speed. And DiffPDF didn't show > 1 px difference for one word/chapter.

I'll take that. :)

Up way too late working on it, but I think I have mfgames-writing-js updated to handle the new WeasyPrint. Instead of generating 3N+1 PDFs per book where N is the number of chapters, it now does 2. That will make a *big* difference in generation time.

I needed new Docker image to handle the generation, but this means that it will take less CI minutes from Gitlab to generate novels as I update them plus cut the build time down to a third.

Today's lunch was obsessing about my writing publishing framework as I bring it up to date with newer versions of NPM and Typescript. What started as a "simple" fix to get a better HTML ended up a rabbit hole as I also am bringing WeasyPrint up to date (to speed up generation).

I *want* to work on Author Intrusion since I figured out what I need to do to make echo word detection faster, but things directly related to publishing take priority over editing things that will be. :(

Well, I think I know why my code is slow. :)

Spent the night doing world-building for Fedran: started working out the dates and events for the dalpre, a former slave race of furries, stubs for the various treaties and mandates that gave them their two countries. fedran.com/dalpre/

And in homage to Eddie Izzard, I added a flag. fedran.com/turfuno/ I have a few of these, but I'm also trying to integrate the world-building I've already done while making "good" flags. As opposed to Cedar Rapids's (way too busy for me).

My list of "easy" thing to do all involve trolling through my current novels and writing up every character/location/concept in a scene or referenced by one. I know that I will like myself once I get 2-3 more books in, but this step is painful.

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"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"
"Considerably. Hitting water from that height is like hitting concrete. Thanks for getting me to shore," the angel said, graciously.
"No problem, I wasn't doing anything else... why did you fall, anyway?"
The angel grimaced, rubbing an injured wing, "Long story. Do you have all day?"
"I have nothing better to do," admitted the mermaid, "Sailors are harder to trick & lure these days."
"So. In the beginning..."

#tootfic #microfiction #smallstories #fantasy

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@dmoonfire I'm also in favor of importing the Spanish ¡ and ¿ into English as I like the idea of front-loading the indication of emphasis or question (and I just discovered that at least some fonts include an inverted interrobang ⸘)

It is slow and not very graceful, but I got Author Intrusion to actually report echo words in my test chapter. For me, it's a "black triangle" moment because it proves out the basic CSS-based selectors and scoping, reporting errors up to the check command, and showing it.

Second-Hand Dresses 42: Breakdown

After all the struggles with Nirih's dress, there was no question Lily would celebrate. What she didn't expect was to wake up with a lover in her bed. One that wasn't Kendrick.

I really should stop using XKCD to illustrate my points. I'm up to three today.

Only had four hours of sleep because my spouse needed a blanket cleaned and dried for today.

Someone is live DMing me as they read my book. I'm enjoying it. :)

I am sad that Source Serif Pro does not support the interrobang (‽).

I'm editing Second-Hand Dresses and I figured spending 1-2 weeks working on something to detect my weak works (nodded, smiled) would help reduce the load the editor needs to do. Plus, I've been whining about not working on this for years.

Over my lunch hour, I switched my WIP Author Intrusion over to .NET Core and got everything up and running again. Plus got it mostly conforming to StyleCop.Analyzers to keep it nice and consistent.

Next steps are to remember what I was doing when I stopped 10 months ago.

Decided to formalize my list of proposed story ideas for my patrons: fedran.com/ideas/ As I come up to picking the next book to write, I created a spoilerriffic list of stories and how they interact.

My patrons (fedran.com/patrons/ or patreon.com/dmoonfire) get to choose the next one.