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Yep, another chapter another 1.5k words. That makes it a nice even 2.5k for the day. I can't describe how much this new keyboard is helping.

My spouse is in her bath, I wonder if I can write another chapter?

I only had a half hour for lunch to write. I managed to get 1.5k words written and it felt great.

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mass incarceration Show more

Sorry, which medical bill to pay. We are that annoying point where we are check-to-check on even that and one bad event will screw us.

I hate that I have to negotiate with my wife to figure out which insurance bill to pay with every paycheck.

Gender Roles, Guilt, Archetypes, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 21


This week's naughty chapter is about Lily coming home to find Hasan cooking dinner for him. Unexpected, she finds that she wants him even more and her resolve to avoid cheating with Mindil rises up until she is forced to take matters into her own fingers.


Bah. Another night of not writing. I'm just too tired by the time I have some free time.

Day one of my vacation is already a cluster fuck.

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Anyone know any good exploration-heavy games for Linux? interested in seeing what's out there.


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"The Internet Archive is now leveraging a little known, and perhaps never used, provision of US copyright law, Section 108h, which allows libraries to scan and make available materials published 1923 to 1941 if they are not being actively sold."

"If the Founding Fathers had their way, almost all works from the 20th century would be public domain by now (14-year copyright term, renewable once if you took extra actions)."


I decided to write up some of the ideas I have for future novels for my patrons. Just when I think I wrote them all, I remember more. Apparently, five years of walking alone has given me time to plot out a lot of stories. I may not write all of them, these are just ones I've spent more than a few hours thinking about the plot.

Those were not good words. No creativity tonight. I blame myself.

Hrm, what tasks in the overwhelming to do list should I do tonight?

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Tootplanet Tootfic Show more

Took me a while but I finished enough weekly chapters to get me through plus 2. Managed to write 5k words today to get it. My Patreons (patreon.com/dmoonfire/ ) can read all of them otherwise it will be one per week through this month and next. This also means I'm down to a minimum of 20k more words written before November 1st to handle my obligations. Getting so close.

One chapter written, one more to go.

Chapter 28 is where I reveal Kendrick's secret deal with the Martins.

29 will be Lily dealing with a drunken water mage.

While I was cleaning: Since I'm writing an epic novel one POV at a time, would having the master list of ideas/POVs for Patreon be inticing?

One of the strangest questions I got this week was why I use a first initial instead of my first name as a byline.

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@dmoonfire Only way to reduce damage is to use antique equipment. Offspring can smell the Good Stuff.