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Well, the end of November means I have to write posts again.


Emotions, Jealousy, and Second-Hand Dresses 29

(as PayPal, Librepay, and a bunch of others).


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I went on a real good rant earlier about net noot. I expanded on the best points from there here:


13 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/13/

ditamàfu /di.ta.ꜜma.ɸɯ̥/ (n) 1. Shared senses among two or more people. (v) 1. To recieve senses from an external source.

ditamáfu /di.ta.ꜛma.ɸɯ̥/ (v) 1. To project senses or perceptions into someone else.

12 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/12/

datēmo /da.teː.mo/ (v) 1. To percieve or observe.

datèmo /da.ꜜte.mo/ (v) 1. To look intently or analyze.

datemo /da.ꜜte.mo/ (adv) 1. To perform an action with perception magic.

I was up way too late last night writing.

Got a chance to work on my poly romance novel over my lunch break. I don't hate chapter twenty-nine anymore.

10 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/10/

afukijòmu /a.ɸɯ.ki.ꜜdʑo.mɯ/ (v) 1. To shape or manipulate the physical form using magic. 2. To sculpt solid materials.

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Hey guys!
I'm kinda newish here, usually I draw fantasymaps and/or illustrations.
Thought I'd share a first impression of my work~
mastodon.art/media/FAWVQhdsmlk mastodon.art/media/g4qZTEt57cg

Redid my budget using so I can add/remove things easily from a text file on Dropbox. I'm hoping it will be low friction maintenance.

Now I can be bummed about the results. Day care is really expensive (as we knew it would be for three years).

I also use ledger to do my publishing business books. I wrote a bunch of gulp-based parsers for Amazon, NOOK, ACX, etc that all feed into the ledger without me manually entering anything. That was a good two weeks worth of coding.

9 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/09/

itochyòku (v) 1. The teleport or move without crossing the intervening distance. (Example fedran.com/sand-and-bone/chapt)

8 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/08/

pumakyòni /pɯ.ma.kjo.ni/ (v) 1. To phase or walk through solid matter.

pumakyoni (adv) 1. To perform an action that phases through solid matter. (Example fedran.com/sand-and-bone/chapt)

7 d.moonfire.us/blog/2017/12/07/

kafuchi /ka.ɸɯ.tɕi̥/ (n) 1. A shared memory or magic between close friends or clan members.

kafuchi (adj) 1. A spiritual energy that is shared and pools. 2. A manifestation of magic where multiple clan members see the same spirit.

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So, does anyone out there use #Flattr? How is it? As @maloki pointed out, Flattr has taken the opportunity to point out how it complements #Patreon, particularly in the wake of the recent fee changes. #tipyourfriends

Here's the Flattr blog post in question: blog.flattr.net/2017/12/patreo

I have to admit I find this feature VERY interesting: flattr.com/contributors

At least explained why they are switching to a per-pledge transaction fee, that was kind of important. blog.patreon.com/updating-patr (at the bottom)

Not sure why they couldn't have prorated things to keep their business though. I suspect they got so big that the monthly batch process was getting unwieldy and that helped contribute to the change.

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I saw a lot of outrage on #Patreon's fee changes, and now I read the latest update on what they're doing and why: blog.patreon.com/updating-patr
What I dislike about it is that they no longer aggregate transactions, thus discouraging patrons to give support to many creators (#OneDollarPatreon), and encourage larger patronages to fewer creators.

I'm getting a lot of emails/posts from people on talking switching over to Paypal and other sources for direct connections. I think it is sad they had to do it (mainly the "per pledge" instead of "per patron") but it is also a risk of having eggs in one basket.

Of course, going direct means the rewards have to be managed outside of Patreon because they don't have a way of having creators enter fake ones.

I wonder if I should go with "here is everything, pay if you like it."?

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With the new #Patreon payment structure, *patrons* pay a fee on top of their pledge, as well as patreon taking a (now smaller) cut from the creator's balance.


I made a little spreadsheet to help me work out what the heck was going on in actual numbers.

So if I'm supported by 50 $1 pledges, I get $47.50, but supporters pay nearly $70.



Yeah, just saw the detail Per individual pledge, that sucks both in the misleading email and the one dollar patreons. :(

With this Patreon service thing, I wonder if the 2.9% + 0.35 is for all the patrons for a single person instead of per creator. The email doesn't really say.

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So what's the best alternative to Patreon, since it looks like that's a bad choice now especially for #OneDollarPatreon and small increments in general? I'm seeing people mention a few choices, but I really want to keep things simple and not jump around more than I need to.