I want a domesticated haunted house.
It moves things around, but it sorts thing.
It writes things on walls and mirrors, but its reminders and encouragement.
It's bigger on the inside and moves the rooms around to be helpful.
Instead of blowing up the lightbulbs it charges your smartphone and helps you cut down your electricity bill.

Every potion has side effects.

Some are benign--you light up a bit for a couple months or years after using a dark-sight potion.

Some are weird--you grow horns after using some strength potions.

Some are dangerous-- think fire potions.

They carry over the placenta, & sometimes they stick FOREVER on the kids.

Tifa's mother was a fighter on a rough circuit; she used every potion she could get. The kid lives in a reinforced room with flame-proof toys. She's started asking for a pet... #tootfic

This uses my arbitrary culture calendar which lets me use custom months and days and hours based on what I want for my world.

And today someone actually asked about it (yay) so I wrote up a brief intro to my packages to handle it.


Since I also was taking the effort to know if someone is in a scene, I have the wiki pulling in every chapter a character is physically present (but not only referenced) into their timelines so you can see where they are for their lives.

Last night, I want through and figured out the time of day and date for every chapter in Sand and Blood. This week is turning out to be a data entry and update wiki... and I think I'm okay with that. I need to make sure a lot of these dates are in order.

Oh, multiple hash tags on a column. Now I can throw all my microfic into a single one.

Don't ask people "when are you having kids". Especially not women, who suffer this question a lot. ("Are you having kids" is a more okay question *if you know the person well*, but only sometimes.)

They might be, they might not be, and yes they've probably thought about it, and no, it's none of your business.

With hindsight though, I probably should have written my arbitrary calendar system to be based on Unix time (int32 seconds) instead of Julian Date (double). It would have made life a lot easier for consumption.

Sadly, I spent most of the week refactoring my timeline on my website to make it easier to work with and didn't actually update any of the entries. But the timeline looks pretty (fedran.com/timeline) except for IE (I'll fix it eventually) and I really need to switch gears.

This week is working on Raging Alone (fedran.com/raging-alone/), a novella tied into Rutejimo's story. It will be the chapter/week next month.

So, I think I got the basics of my timeline working. I'm going to use this on fedran.com to show timelines and let you collapse centuries and decades.

... at least that's the plan.

I'm considering switching to an opinionated formatter for code. I know it seems simple, but it requires me to retrain how I view code and I'm dreading it.

On the other hand, its hard to find good cross-platform formatting tools that work with Atom and VS Code that do what I want.

I have a new book out! Frost and Desire, an M/M fantasy romance! Sorcerors! Doing terrible things and then struggling to fix them! It's fun. n_n

Book launch post: rowyn.dreamwidth.org/636372.ht

Buy link: books2read.com/frostanddesire

look, just from a pure game-design angle, the fact that picking human as a character species is inevitably like the most dead-ass boring option tells me that games should just stop making human an option at all

Flight of the Scions 42: Sinmak's Fate

Kanéko hunts after Sinmak after he fell from the sky. Even when she finds him, there is no rest as Damagar's threat continues to drive her to return home.

It's 2019. If you don't have a blog yet or some other personal website, you should start one. You probably do some cool shit that would interest others.

Slowly working on a Javascript library to do a timeline for my fantasy website.

If you like homages to ElfQuest and the Wolf Riders, this is the chapter for you. Ruben's father rides a blue-eyed telepathic wolf named Jason (just because).

Flight of the Scions 42: Sinmak's Fate

Kanéko hunts after Sinmak after he fell from the sky. Even when she finds him, there is no rest as Damagar's threat continues to drive her to return home.

I just got a beta reader feedback for Second-Hand Dresses. "It was a good porn piece."

... I wasn't intended for it to be a porn piece. :( Well, hopefully the other beta reader won't say the same thing. :)

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