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As we come up to the end of the month, it is a good time to mention that I have posted a weekly chapter for about four years now. While free to read, my writing is supported by ( and Typewriter Press ( among others.

I don't really do much with tiers at all, $1/month gets you access to all my works in progress, polls for the next projects, and my appreciation. I also try to listen to suggestions or requests to the best of my ability.

Given the relatively complexity of my sites (multiple Git repos, a ton of cross-linking), the GraphQL approach to generating the site seems to be going fairly well.

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Last night, I got the minimal version of in Gatsby implemented. At least enough to get this week's chapter out (Atom, RSS, and JSON feeds; navigating to the page; and the like). It's kind of cool to see how it happens.

I'm going to hold off until Thursday to actually do it and see if I can get a bit more features. According to my to do list, I'm 23% done with the migration.

And... maybe see if it actually builds on Gitlab's CI which is the whole reason for doing this.

March in Writing

A summary of a March worth of writing. It was a hard month but I still got three stories in addition to my chapters. And hit a major roadblock

Managed to get my monthly summary up to patrons and my website written before work.

This weekend was mostly losing myself in migrating to GatsbyJS. It is an adventure, but things are slowly coming into place. The next task is getting my project page (like built up from the supporting pages (chapters, back/front matter, etc.).

Overall, I still think this is a good direction though. This time has been a lot more pleasant.

"Dad, the monsters under my bed are gone!"
"Yes, they are under the bookshelf. To be isolated at a safe distance."
"But then they'll read all my books!"
"That will give you something to talk about."
"Oh. Well, fine. But no slobbering!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Well, this time trying to implement Gatsby for is going much smoother. Still have a lot of features in the old site to reimplement but hopefully it will work out; I would love to deprecate Cobblestone.

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"Am I dead?" I ask.
"Yes," Death says.
"I didn't believe in an afterlife."
"This is not an afterlife. You merely linger here until you have let go."
"Let go of what?" I ask, but Death is gone. No matter, I can figure this out.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Ug, I hate it when sites get to a certain size and they start responding with "we closed your account, sucks to be you, no we won't explain why." :(

This years's /r/Fantasy bingo has a space for:

Novel Featuring Necromancy - Raising the dead, woot! Self-explanatory. HARD MODE: Necromancer is the protagonist.

I wonder if I could find a novel that has that.

My Gitlab CI started failing without anything I can figure out changing. That's frustrating because now my static sites aren't being regenerated.

I was resisting redoing my site but I might have to now.

Bah, I still can't figure out how to get this thing to work with the CI server. The site refuses to build on the server but works fine on my local machine.

I don't like early morning meetings, I do not like them Sam-I-am. I do not like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox. I do not like the.

Brilliant Luck

Jacom's daughter had been missing for two days. He had been searching for her with no luck. But then a stroke of luck came when his son returned home.

Allegro 15: High at Night

At the end of her first night singing and dancing under her own skills, Linsan is excited that it was a success. She had earned her keep with music and magic.

The smith whistled as he shod the horse.
"You seem happy," his customer said.
"I am," the smith said. "You see, many years ago, a princess was born. As is traditional, a fairy godmother gave the child a blessing: may you always be who you are."
"I heard about that."
"Well, I am."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Ug, I'm trying to work on a deadline and nothing is coming. I think I wrote too much this weekend and managed to burn myself out again. :(

@sir Is there a way of using a PAT as a https push for GIt on Sourchut? I seem to not find documentation saying it can but I'm hoping since using SSH with my normal workflow has always been painful.

Ug, toilet started leaking again today. Apparently, I'm going to spend at least some of this social distancing going to Lowes and picking up supplies to tear it down to the underlying and replace the rotten floor.

Not exactly how I wanted work my nights.

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