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D. Moonfire @dmoonfire

It sounds like my wife may have to stop running. Too much damage that will never heal. That sucks, she loved running.

Hospital gowns are sexy.

My wife is having knee surgery today. She's somewhat freaking out since this is her 20+ time but it's been thirty years since the last.

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Is there an app where you can tell it what equipment you have and it makes you an exercise program because I want that. (Bonus if it also lets you put in limiting medical conditions.)

I get to spend most of the day in a hospital waiting room today.

Odds of me being out 5k? 0.3

Odds of me just sitting there? 0.9

@ajroach42 Cool, I'll check it out at some point. My seven year old has taken to stealing my phone recently and I occasionally like to play the game of the week.

@TipsyTentacle @ajroach42 icqAlantis. It's like an Apple product but with two extra letters!

@enkiv2 I've known about it only for about a year now, but last November was... bad and I was so far behind in my obligations that I couldn't do it.

I really hope to try it out this year, but it assumes I get a proper buffer built up and then I can. No idea of what I would do, but I'd probably try a fantasy novel generator.

@enkiv2 I've done three attempts now at a novel writing program. That stuff is hard, but it does force you to understand the basics.

Good to know I'm not the only one.

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The amount I've improved in writing long-ish fiction by hand directly because of my efforts to write novel-generating programs is kind of incredible.

If you ever want to understand & internalize some life skill, I strongly recommend trying & failing to write a program that does it poorly.

@enkiv2 I want to, but I have to write at least 20k words by end of the month.

Plus I spent an entire week writing a game instead of writing. :P

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The weekly update on my progress on the #onlinewritinglog. This time, adding a social sharing feature:



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"I will not write a program to help me write. I will just write instead."

"I will not write a program to help me write. I will just write instead."

"I will not write a program to help me write. I will just write instead."

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You guys are incredible! In 12 days we reached $2000 on #Patreon, already 2/3rd of the way to our main goal! Thanks! patreon.com/godotengine  twitter.com/godotengine/status

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@vernepator_cur Completely agree on Slack. I can see why they went with Electron (cross-platform) but it is painful to keep running. More so on eight year old hardware.

Though, Microsoft Word does the same for me with longer novels.

I say blame the programs, not the frameworks.

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@dmoonfire Emacs lisp is a harsh environment to do anything, it's true.

I do hate the discrepancy between keyboard shortcuts in emacs and everything else. I wind up attempting to save webpages in firefox a lot... I tried VSCode which has the windows keybinding ethos and it was ultimately that (and the weirdness of the "emacs" bindings, and the mouse requirement, and a bunch of little nonsense) that made it too hard to switch for me.

@vernepator_cur Oh, as for the hate. It's minor. Just a bunch of people here and Twitter commenting on how slow it is or how they would ban it entirely.

Electron has its place. It is cross-platform, which is nice for those who bounce between Linux and Windows constantly.

As for speed, Atom can maintain my 120 wpm without too much trouble, so I consider it "good enough" for when I get into those grooves. :)

@vernepator_cur Of course, now with the lang services and other plugins, Emacs is viable but I'm not sure if I want to still have that C-x C-s means delete lines in one program then save verses save the file. :)

@vernepator_cur Emacs is my other go-to platform for writing quickly (vi being the third). I even wrote a project-based spelling wrapper for it (caspell), the original csharp-mode, and a number of other things.

Mostly, I was drifting away because I'm having more trouble with the keyboard shortcuts interfering with the other applications I use on a day-to-day, Windows support wasn't as good as I want it to be.

I also dislike Lisp. And my plans for AI originally needed something more.

Of course, the reason I use Electron (my primary platform is Atom) is because I couldn't find any other cross-platform GUIs libraries that had decent customization, could handle some of the logic I wanted with Author Intrusion, and still work on Linux and Windows.

I spent two years trying to get Gtk to do it, didn't work out. :( I ended up having to do too much low end stuff.