Trying to see how long I can sit in a 60F house before I cave in and turn on the heat. One the one hand, it is mid-October. On the other hand β€” it’s only mid-October.

Avoiding the news today and doing yard work instead. We’re re organizing the shed!

I really, really do not want to micromanage someone, because it’s exhausting. But also we need to get shit done.

And, she’s married to a senior admin in the organization. So I have probably no recourse.

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The saga of my new direct report continues...she was two weeks late on uploading a (barely started) spreadsheet to OneDrive, and hasn’t started the other one because...she’s emailing people? I have yet to figure out how she is filling up her time every week.

I find that, the older I get, the less I can tolerate heat, weather wise. Isn’t that, like, backwards from how it’s supposed to go? I mean, my late in-laws would bring light jackets when they visited us in Texas. In the summer. Now here I am in New England and I feel like I’m going to burst into flames as soon as I step outside.

This Icelandic yogurt says it is β€œpacked with protein, not sugar.” But I like sugar!

The upside (upside?) of having a butt-early dentist appointment and taking a sick day was that I was back home before it hit 90F outside. Currently 95, feels like 103 with the humidity. Is it fall yet? 🍁

I always forget that when I buy stuff at Whole Foods, β€œno extra sugar added” really means Not Sweet!

It was really fun waking up some time after 4am and then not really ever getting back to sleep before my 8am root canal. Thanks brain.

We went to Home Depot and Costco all before 11am today. Do I get a prize?

Probably a total shot in the dark here, but I’m wondering if anybody has recommendations for good companies that sell/install gutters in the Boston area.

So I have a new role at work, and now instead of managing my awesome, smart, high-performing team that I hired, I am managing a person who was basically a spousal hire. And that I didn’t pick. And who apparently needs a supervisor/babysitter instead of a manager. Ugh.

It took four hours after my dentist appointment for the Novocain to wear off 😭 Aaaand, I have to go back next week for a root canal. In the mean time, I have a temporary filling that tastes very odd. And I’m not supposed to chew on that side. So that’s fun.

So those are my thoughts at 10:42pm.

Left the dentist a little over 2 hours ago and I’m still super numb. And also hungry.

On my way to get a ~25 year old filling removed, to see what horrors lie beneath (possibly cracked tooth). πŸ˜₯

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