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Chuck Tingle's TOTALLY DEMOLISHED and Pounded in the Butt by my own FACTS and REASON

If you see me tooting on this instance past 8 PM central today, please yell at me.

I am moving to @desitively . Please follow me there if you follow me here.

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I've seen like five, "Ho-hum, guess I have to work in a Category 4. :(" posts.


In preparation of my move to another instance, if you follow me now please also follow my new instance account at: @desitively . Thanks!

Tips for MOVING from one Mastodon instance to another

In Settings, you can...

1. Export some of your data from your old account (if you want). This includes who you follow/block/mute. Note that you can't take your _followers_ with you, but they can definitely choose to follow your new account! (see 1st screenshot)

2. Set your old account to show that's it's Moved to another account (your new account) (see 2nd & 3rd screenshots)

3. Obviously: toot about your new account from your old account

I think tonight I'm gonna re-watch The Black Cat (1934). Edgar G. Ulmer directs Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Julie Bishop in a Gothic Satanic horror film. Its brilliant and horrifying

Rescheduling my therapy appt to the day after I’ll have finished the new Bojack Horseman

Reminder: If you're constructing databases for the technically inept and they have access to it, do not bow to their requests.

In so doing, I managed to break a SQL resource so thoroughly that I have to scrap the entire thing I spent weeks working on and start from scratch.

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if you're looking for an instance whose admins believe victims and don't believe calling out rapists constitutes harassment, you're welcome on bofa

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