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Laurelai Bailey and her instance have been blocked by Bofa since we launched. No one on Bofa can communicate with her on any of her accounts. No one here harassed here. We shared publicly available information about several allegations of rape against her that come from other trans-women and not hate sites, as she falsely claims. If you think warning people about a predator is harassment, then you are an enabler of rape culture.

If you are on dot social and disgusted with the sewage that Eugen is spewing, you are welcome on We DO NOT TOLERATE rapists, abusers, and their apologists. Please let me know if you would like an invite to a much safer space, and I apologise for all of the drama unfolding this morning as a result of our outrage about this.

Solidarity with rape survivors 

get your ass to bofa get your ass to bofa get your ass to bofa get your ass to bofa

Job opportunity!

Mission: supporting lawyers and volunteers successfully fight asylum claims - working to get immigrant detainees released

Tech: ruby, rails, mysql, react a plus

Details: small eng team, remote position, health ins, salary (this job is about the mission, not making bank)

Interested? DM me!

Please tag your rails/react hacker frens!

obliterate celebrity
build material community
demand accountability

food, labor, sexual harassment 

i assert that i went to dot social, did not see my test messages in the federated tl, unfollowed my bofa acct, sent myself a message to my dot social acct from bofa, and it did not arrive. once i refollowed my bofa acct and tried again, it worked. that means we were silenced. if eugen unsilenced us after i messaged him, great, but the lack of communication is really inconsiderate and harmful, as it breaks trust in the fediverse and eugen in particular.

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a play with a book titled “anton chekov’s collected letters” prominently displayed on the set which is never used or referenced

Instance drama, rape mention 

This think with Win 10 suddenly telling you you shouldn't install other browsers, A) Microshaft is STILL evil, and B) how is this even possible under the consent decree they got nailed with in circa 2000???

Instance drama, Eugen, rape, LB 

Anyone want a starting role in Software #Dev in #Scotland? I don't like being all Hail Corporate here but I know a lot of the Fediverse are talented techy people so wanted to post this just in case. Pay's not great but it does rise steadily and you'll get put on lots of coding courses.

Forres is reallllllyyyy far north compared to Edinburgh/Glasgow (but it is a beautiful town with interesting witch-y and Pictish history!) so keep that in mind folkies.

#IT #softwaredev

instance drama, birdsite mention 

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instance drama, birdsite mention 

Love two carry my phone in my back pocket and have it constantly farting

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