just been informed by management that my submission for a corporate team building event has been denied

fuck you, fascist scum, how dare you deny my brilliance like this

these simpleminded, visionless BEASTS have insulted me FOR THE LAST TIME

what the FUCK am I supposed to do with all these "Jorts Week 2k18" banners and assorted jorts themed balloons??? party city doesn't accept refunds, ASSHOLES, so what the fuck am i supposed to do??? have a solo jorts party in the back of an Arby's™?? yes,

when someone is trying to pull their usual shit but you've got receipts

Ok, so power was just knocked to some of the most important parts of the city here in New Orleans... by a stray cat.

For reference, our grid is held together here by spit and chewing gum.

there's a Purge parody on Netflix called Meet The Blacks and isn't The Purge already basically parody?

"who is john pepsi?" -- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

deray sucks but i don't think it's really white people's place to be dunking on him

@realtoddhoward i'm gonna let black people decide for themselves whether deray is grifting them and not make nor act on that decision on their behalf

@msk@mastodon.starrevolution.org Please follow me at my new instance, @desitively .

Reminder to my followers: I have moved instances. If you haven't already, please follow me now at: @desitively . Thanks!


god shit was bad during katrina when bush was in office how you think its gonna be with 45. its gonna be hell, while bush was terrible he wasn't a chaotic elder manbaby like this chucklefuck

Chuck Tingle's TOTALLY DEMOLISHED and Pounded in the Butt by my own FACTS and REASON

If you see me tooting on this instance past 8 PM central today, please yell at me.

I am moving to @desitively . Please follow me there if you follow me here.

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