Does anyone else remember OpenID?
i really want OpenID back

@silverwizard remember that demo site for OpenID where you could make claims and people would back them

@silverwizard it was really fun, just a little demo to let people try out their OpenID logins and establish links to real life reputation and other stuff, but it turned into a bit of a playground. I think it has vanished completely because I can't see anything about it now.

@derwinmcgeary That kinda sucks - I love that kind of thing

I think there's something to be said about the whole LiveJournal era - where websites were a thing, but there were the outgrowths of central hubs - and the existence of people with friendships and stuff that exists, if we'd managed to add shared and cross site identity to that, it would have been a cooler space

@silverwizard I think I'm going to learn about PetNames or whatever the thing was, see if I can get it running

@derwinmcgeary is PetNames an OpenID thing I don't know about? Because - uh - tell me more? (or link me)


I think it's part of an overall idea of identities machine-readable and otherwise, where the user isn't faced with weird UUIDs but they still get uniquely identified.

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