@derwinmcgeary Is that implying, that from all the people the asshole is responsible for ethical conduct?

@peter @derwinmcgeary they'll certainly make you feel like that when you do it...

@peter @derwinmcgeary I don't read it was "the asshole" = "the ethical enforcer". Instead I read it as "we need ethical enforcers, if you don't know one, be one".

I don't think assholes play a vital role in society. Esp not as ethics enforcer

@peter @derwinmcgeary Arguably, you have to be a bit of an asshole to play the role of an ethics enforcer effectively — as in, there should be a degree of disregard for people's wishes (e.g., a wish not to think about ethical implications of their work).

@derwinmcgeary i don't think they ever will censor it.
Their processes are build on relying on the least amount of human work possible. If you're using the print service perhaps it's automatically printed, bound and on a big pile of other books needing wrapping and transport. Perhaps each book takes two seconds to wrap or something. I don't know

@derwinmcgeary Similar to deliberate design faults... I found a catchier title,..

Defective by Design! (for digital media)

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