"but yo don't get it twisted
not "bad" meaning bad but "bad" meaning "the shit", kid. and get that one straight, too
not "the shit" meaning the shit, but "the shit" meaning great, dude
stupendous, tremendous, excellent, tight, super smooth, ultimate
better than alright, superior, supreme, perfect, and treasured
these adjectives carefully measured
to ensure that you understood
that in other words: I'm good"

Wow this magazine cover I found sure looks interesting...if only i somehow had the full thing :blobthinkingsmirk:

when people in your life tell you they would prefer you use a different pronoun for them;
instead of complaining, protesting, and making excuses for why it's too hard for you to do, why not try being like these kids?

cannabis info request, boosts welcome 

i need some good info to go in my "cannabis is good, actually, and reefer madness is literally a psyop" folder so if you have favorite facts and figures and writings and such send them my way please.

Как уст румяных без улыбки, без грамматической ошибки я русской речи не люблю
— А.С. Пушкин

Today's posts:

- Avoiding problems with note-taking by viewing my computer as a teammate
- Solarpunk isn't very punk
- Avoiding a ghastly future through indigenous genocide


It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

compsci teacher's making us store gender as an enum to prove we know how enums work so i decided to have fun with it


Before jumping into someone else's mentions:

✅ Am I being contrarian?
✅ Do I already have a relationship with this person, or am I being inappropriately familiar?
✅ Am I "ironically" doing exactly what this person just said not to do?
✅ Am I derailing another legitimate discussion in order to get on my own favourite hobby-horse or to one-up this person in my knowledge of social issues?
✅ Am I saying "Are you surprised?" when they're disappointed?
✅ Am I providing unsolicited advice?

Sensitive content 

Sensitive content blurring makes everything look much more hornt - turning "my new glasses!" into "flesh coloured blurs with chasms!".

"Wanna work at a planetarium."

buttons: "STARS ON" / "STARS OFF"

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Хочу работать в планетарии.

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hello fellow white people. it's easy to post "fuck the police" and say "i would never call the police" and listen to millions of dead cops and think 1312 thoughts but! have you considered what you would do INSTEAD of calling the fash? no? how about a lil homework:

alternatives: uua.org/safe/handbook/alternat

deescalation seminar: youtube.com/watch?v=hrqfxEkE1n

12 things to do instead: sproutdistro.com/2017/07/28/ne

not being a bystander: vimeo.com/199947156

LOTS of links: docs.google.com/document/d/1_Y


but seriously, I’m feeling extra special vindicated on having an absolutely-zero-nazis policy on our instance. I’ve been criticized for going too far by not federating with instances who choose to federate with gab, but guess what.

de-platforming fascists is good and it works.

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spicy software opinions, on user-configurability 

once upon a time, software came with a billion little switches. any feature it came with could be disabled. behavior could be adjusted to user taste. even the entire ui could be radically altered by end-users.

then came along apple, with their emphasis on design and heavily-curated experience, and with enough ego to declare irrelevant end-user opinions about how software should operate. this is, essentially, the software design equivalent of “tastemaking”.

to their credit, apple’s designers were, for a time, very good. the default experience that they provide was clean and approachable, and was very usable, straight off the shelf, by the average user.

and because apple’s approach worked very well for them, for a time, it caught on. google and microsoft and even mozilla and friends all took note and also moved away from providing highly-configurable software in favour of heavily-curated default designs with very few user-configurable elements.

but a thing that technology designers forget is that technology, including software, is ultimately a tool, and tools are never the final goal of a production pipeline. in the end, software, like any other tool, exists to enable its user to get other, more important things done.

and if a user disagrees with design decisions, those design decisions are wrong, even if just for that user, because they interfere with the tool’s ability to serve its own purpose.


finely-tuned default workflows are good. it is important for tools to be maximally usable straight off the shelf by the average user. this is an important element of accessibility.


users come with a wide variety of often-conflicting needs, and users know their own needs better than even the best designer.


bring back the days of heavily-configurable software!

maybe hide the more fiddly settings behind an “advanced” settings pane, sure, but do provide them. not talking about arcane undocumented registry settings or chrome/firefox-style about:config hackery, either.

software configurability is an important element of accessibility, too.

and unironically:

winamp-style ui skinning was a good thing, even if it allowed people with divergent artistic sensibilities to produce things that make you cringe.

uspol, parler 

okay I'm laughing, which one of you is responsible for this parler post

execute hashtag 66

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You can’t hashtag any number because # is a goddamn number sign and people use it to write about numerical orders

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