"The future is already here, just unevenly distributed" applies more to social progress than technological advances. There are places with cell coverage that will lock you up for blasphemy.

I love the mastodon image captioning feature because there are a lot of good uses even for sighted users

- when federation / the other instance / your router fails & the image won't load

- explaining visual jokes while "keeping the medium intact"

- naming a visual symbol you /think/ people will know about but maybe not, so they can look it up & read more about it

- noting 'what to look for' when it's unclear

- translating an image in another language while still letting it speak for itself

As the Good Book says, "They who are not fast, those ones shall be last"

Well this is legally interesting. These folks just generated every 12 (or less) note single octave melody that could ever exist and recorded it to a physical medium, meeting the legal requirements to have copyrighted a song.


Basically, they just copyrighted literally every copyrightable melody... And released it to the public domain.

Gig on the third floor accessible via fire escape tonight.

Technically, we could at least be sure there *was* a fire escape...

What's with all the AFAB and AMAB I see going around? Firefighters and mailfighters aren't all bastards like the cops.

acab and ahab imply that the two genders are cop and harpoon

Did you read the one about the USB-C Charger chip that is easily as powerful as the Apollo Guidance Computer? 'cause apparently, that's a thing. forrestheller.com/Apollo-11-Co

「これはどういうジョークなの?」って思って調べたら、日本では単3とか単4っていうのを向こうではAAAとかAAAAっていうのね、単1と単2はCとかDなのか 🤔

fun linguistics fact: the phoneme /ɲ/, in spanish developed from the latin double n, and that's what the letter used to spell it, ñ, comes from: a scribal abbreviation where the second n was placed above the first, and then gradually abstracted into a squiggle. it's literally two n's in a trenchcoat and i think that's beautiful

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working with computers is cool because sometimes you come into work and things that were fine yesterday are suddenly broken despite no one having touched them


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