What do you put on top of an ungrammatical Linguistmas tree?

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I'm not trying to panic anyone (more) right now BUT this might be of some small comfort: for the last several years some trans women have been setting up contingency plans for getting out of various countries and into others.
Whether you're trans or a girl or neither, it's always, ALWAYS good to maximize your options, and it can help you to have something to work on that is tangible.
There are people who will marry you. There are right of return countries. There are legal immigration options. There are less legal options and maps of borders that are not regularly patrolled. Don't think that you have no options, you can create options for yourself and set your own definitions for when that might be necessary.
You have friends elsewhere and those friends have friends. It's not a magic bullet solution but it is something to plan in case of extreme circumstances that you can work on tonight, tomorrow, whenever.

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Rambler accuses Nginx developer Igor Sysoev of "stealing" open-source Nginx from them.

Being ill sucks and I want to not do that any more kthxbye


Voici la mort d'un neurone

hacked (adj.) - Irresponsible on social media in a way that incurs consequences for the poster

"If you worked in computers your whole life but then you wear a really cool outfit to a presentation, the appearance just doesn’t match." is a quote I just read from a stylist of techbros. 👀 Equating lack of style with tech ability when style is viewed as inherently feminine is a thing I should maybe write more about but I don't wanna because I've been looking at tech related shit all day and I don't enjoy it computers aren't even real grow up.

I don't recall seeing the German word for "comrade" used in Russian before, but it's a big place.

Regular PSA on IT/Eng/Ops burnout (long) 

I need to find a literary agent. Tricky thing is everyone I talk to says - oh you have to 'know someone'....

I have this book that needs to be published, and read - widely.

My book is called #YesICan and is the sort of thing someone at an airport would buy. Motivational, yet psychology based, and practically written.

Hints of advice are welcome.
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Tired: "men are too emotional to be leaders." *replicates the sexist assumption that unemotionality is always a superior trait and is inherently associated with dominance/authority.*

Wired: "Men aren't emotional enough to be leaders." *Hot take. Asserts the value of traits devalued by patriarchy. Radically re-envisions what leadership ought to look like. Doesn't throw men who experience positive emotions intensely under the bus for being insufficiently "in-control" (read: masculine).*

Why does every gym place spotlights directly over the benches? Dazzled and seeing purple custard after every set...

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