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hospitals full, covid-19 

Fucking infuriating.
“The middling vaccination rates in Nebraska are crippling the health care system,” Ravenscroft said. “The unvaccinated population, as we can see from the statistics, is continuing to occupy beds at an unsustainable rate.”

Uh-oh. After Code for Nebraska meeting last night I'm now having visions of a website for the whole country and a bunch of features. Here's the Nebraska Legislature's 2021 bill/resolution progress map in ASCII:

crypto taxes 

huh. My tax prep person sent out a pamphlet saying that crypto is real and the IRS cares now. What a mess.
This tool seems to work pretty good? Imported all my Coinbase and Bittrex history flawlessly? It also grabbed my Cardano wallet history off the blockchain and made a huge mess of that and can't find the staking rewards *at all* for some reason (I need to type all those in manually? ugh)
Anyhoo I plopped $50 bucks on this, hopefully super worth it?

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"rich" people problems 

sell CMG, MTCH; buy ITOT
Cause, you know, nothing says "socially responsible investing" like Plentyoffish Media, Tinder, Soulmates Technology Ltd,, LLC ;)

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"rich" people problems 

Huh. has done it's first round of "Tax Loss Harvesting" on my positions... and um... I have no idea what's going on / why. :)

Context: this episode of Criminal is very light hearted. The opening story is about a hero dog who was saving children from a river. He got tons of press. Then the twist happened, which I won't spoil. :)

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2 years in, this is the most revolutionary advancement ever in my gaming career. Mind. Blown. The Colonists on Steam.

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If you have just installed Mastodon and don't know where to start to find people to follow a good idea is to try and check other users follows and one by one try to see if you find someone to follow.

Alternatively you can go to and do the same on the categories that interest you.

If you are lazy and don't want to look up one by one, I created a little script to generate a csv from Trunk categories: that you can then import in Mastodon.

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post generated by markov chain, may be weird 

best i can use by default sed automatically outputs (the modified version of) the entire animal crossing make me extremely more gay...thank you...

Abortion, religion 

So thankful the church I was raised in wasn't good/evil/rejection focused. Every time I stumble into these stories I feel terrible for religious victims

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If you want to wash your car, you've got to drive up a whale's butt.

That's the rule. Always has been.

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Thousands of Omahans rely on the bus, including many with disabilities.

But several say they are frustrated after having trouble using some bus tickets — including those distributed by social service agencies.

Their complaints center on how old paper tickets work with Omaha’s new rapid bus system, ORBT, which shuttles people down Dodge Street.

The problem: ORBT buses use a new electronic payment system, Umo...

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