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Mom took this photo of a hummingbird sleeping on her feeder (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

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One thing I think a lot about is how humans are soft and weak looking and sounding next to Klingons, and how hard that must be for them to get used to.

It’d be like if Earth were allied with a planet of Muppet Babies and had to take them seriously.

Looks like I'm signing up for -- which means my expense ratio will be driven up to 0.89%, but hopefully means my retirement funds will exit the likes of Exxon Mobile (via S&P500 indexes) and target SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) driven largely by Sustainalytics "ESG Risk" (Environmental, Social, Governance). I have research spreadsheets etc. if anyone's interested.

The REAL story of Lord of the Flies (fiction) is a triumph of human cooperation. Decades of pessimism taught in schools while we've actually evolved to "survival of the friendliest."

I grew up RLDS, so I enjoy talking to Mormon missionaries. Just chatted some up outside the scuba shop in North Carolina. Then I saw this in Discord, which made me lol:

Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?
No-- wait, Dracula?
You're vampires?
Yes. We have pamphlets.
Vampires have missionaries?
Where else would new vampires come from?
I assumed you bit people.
There are many hurtful stereotypes. May we come in?

Clever on like 3 levels. :D

Picked up these stickers years ago at a conference:
For even your toughest claims!

Won't fade the truth!

Know anyone who speaks Spanish and could translate our Code For Nebraska project for us?

Genius. In the CLT airport there's a trash bin with solar panels. Indoors. Nowhere close to windows.

OoO so neat: Merlin added Sound ID so now your phone can listen and identify the birds around you. This crazy awesome free app got even better.

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if the US wanted to improve cuba we could probably start by closing the illegal torture prison that we operate there

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Racoons broke the pretty glass bird feeder. So now the deck is ringed with shredded Irish Spring soap, because the Internet said that would help. The neighbor's dog ate a little, puked a lot. oof.
The birds, hummingbirds had no problem finding the new racoon-proof(?) feeder locations.

384 customers still without power. (wow 180K restored). Feeling lazy because I haven't helped anybody. I registered on the NextDoor Help Map, maybe I should check Facebook for people needing help? ooof. FaceBook.

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Day 5 update: We got power back! YAY! Dudes shimmied up the pole, strung new wire, 30 minutes later the house hummed back to life and we were able to kill the constant noise of the generators all throughout the neighborhood.
5,622 customers still without power.

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Raining today, hopefully deck placement stays running and doesn't damage the deck through vibration exhaust etc...

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