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Heyo, this game seems like it must be a steamy look at prison life... wait. It's about brawling?

Why is it called that?!?

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My shanty with crappy vocals yay

CW, has themes of ghosts and guns

Not putting it on Funkwhale yet as a friend has expressed interest in adding some guitar and maybe some deep voice singing :o

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“why, god, why … why aren’t the hummingbirds coming”

calorie counting - week 18 

Been way more physically active, finding it extremely hard to only intake 2000 calories...

Update on springtime in Nebraska: Yesterday, gorgeous. Riding motorcycles and grilling out in flip-flops. Today: snowing.

New recruit for my cult woods house motorcycle gang. Gotta get 'em hooked while they're young. ;)

Had no idea my coworker of ~10 years(?)' spouse is an author. Downloaded their book in seconds. The future really is amazing. From an author I've never met in Ontario to my Kindle in my new woods house in Nebraska in seconds... <3

lol the Bylaws are amazing:
> Upon election, a Fellow shall remain a Fellow for the remainder of such person's natural life, subject to any limiting provisions of this document. Fellowship does not continue during any extension of life by non-natural means, such as zombification or vampirism.

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"This fund is for queer writers of color who are in critical need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With thanks to the Philadelphia Assembly and the Money in the Streets initiative, we'll be able to provide 40 queer writers of color with $250 each.
This fund will prioritize trans women writers of color.
The deadline to apply is May 13 at 11:59PM PST. You will be notified in late May of your status."

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Live streaming (w/ permission) the Global Zoom meeting:
Very disturbing updates from FNB Myanmar

This shit is WILD! We are prude ass boring religion having MFers. The Greeks were BONKERS.

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calorie counting - week 17 

Ya apparently when I plateau getting a shitload of exercise breaks through. Ugh. Exercise is so much work...

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