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Really looking forward to my favorite Thai restaurant dine in reopening some day. In the mean time they are crazy busy with take out. Busier than I've ever seen them?

calorie counting week 14 

hmm... was really discouraged, seeing this graph made me feel better. INTO THE 330s dammit lol

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📣 Programming Language World Championships 2021 #plwc2021 📣

A knockout tournament where 32 programming languages compete against each other, and you decide the winner of each round by voting.

There will be two matches per day, and in two weeks time we'll have a winner!

Discussions are encouraged, but please, keep it civil and peaceful.

It's just a fun game!

* love Mastodon federation of codes of conduct, server grey/blacklisting
* love CWs feature
* still bummed I can't opt in to global searchability for my toots. I search for ancient tweets all the time. Very useful, works great.
* Mastodon video uploads seem to be getting more popular, videos take forever to load if they ever do. Non-federated services 100x better for video sharing (so far?)

crypto trolling 

zomg my friend is a trolling genius. I sent and he replied "I want that image as an NFT"

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Round 1, Match 14 of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

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My new favorite VSCode thing: Binding command-T to go.test.previous (re-run whatever test(s) you most recently ran).

This thread via Darren Duncan: Yes, please credit me for the find, even more since you used my text word for word. You can also add that I said its Sisyphus episode 4 at the 18m0s mark to see this scene along with a bit of context. Also the character does actually speak the name Perl, even if Java is in the corner, and anyway the actual text on the screen is neither.

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calorie counting week 13 

Goal: Break into the 330s this week!!


My coworker: Seems like they can't yet open the gates up to everyone, but there are enough Georgians who are anti-vaccine or covid deniers that they greatly loosened restrictions as of today.

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My coworker: Georgia opened up vaccines to obese people today, and i've never been happier for my BMI score to be so high. First shot Wednesday!

Me: I'm sicking the High BMI Nebraskan Anti-Defamation League on Lincoln (state capital)

My friend: Lol. This is what I've been training for!

There’s this great new Korean drama on Netflix called Sisyphus whose main character is basically a technical genius. At one point he has to quickly code up a new app on his phone in order to authorize starting a car. This is the only time in the series I recall so far that he names a programming language, and it is .

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Me on a big project: “why’d they set things up in this confusing way? Clearly I’m missing something and must not disturb it.”

Me on a small project: “Why’d I set things up in this confusing way? Oh that’s right I was in a stupid hurry. Fixing now.”

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Good news: it looks like my art and my name is now removed from this NFT non-sens. 👍
( )

Thank you for your messages and support.💚

I'll finally can focus on something else (releasing a new video tutorial and coloring more Pepper&Carrot pages) 😇

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