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Amazing watching a bunch of white people experience policing for the first time in their lives.

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heh. TIL I enjoy watching right-wing live feeds when the content is red hats getting hit with bear spray.

My new custom-painted helmet may be the most awesome art ever :)

Huh. Had no idea. Apparently selling data in New York state is taxable good as of a couple years ago:

The EU: citizens have a right to privacy, data deletion.
USA: keep it up, we want a cut 🇺🇸

<3 I've been micro-loaning money to people around the world since 2008. Kiva makes it easy. Just noticed that my church, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is:
#1 for Amount Funded (All Time)
#1 for New Users (All Time)
per Rankings In Religious Congregations Category
$5,209,925 AMOUNT FUNDED

Whatever team(s) you want to join, if any, you can get started for as little as $25. :)

calorie counting 

Week 2 (a week late because photo uploads weren't working)

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let's replace venture capitalists with venture socialists

Yup. It's always surprised me that Hispanics identify so strongly as Catholics

This is somewhat helpful, but very brief, and there's no follow-up I can find:
(warning: possibly coming from an extremely physician-friendly perspective. I too am pro-physician, but am not opposed to European pay scales)

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June 2019: "Executive Order on Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare to Put Patients First"

I didn't notice this headline when it happened. It sounds like a pile of good mandates? Has any of it happened? Did it go anywhere? Anyone have good links to analysis of the aftermath (if any) of this EO?

Surprised a real estate agent is sub-tooting via holiday cards.

Hey look at that, there's an open water channel on the Platte. I can throw on my dry suit and go kayaking. ;)

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Chicken of the Month, January 2021. Also Chicken of the Year. and Chicken of the Decade.

Hiking in the snowy woods. Discovered a Monty Python fan

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Spur of the moment casual streaming of some tunes. Nothing fancy, just wanted to listen to some music!

Yup. Worked there for a decade. Never surprised when billionaires preserve their wealth / comfort at any cost.
Omni Hotels Accepted Millions In PPP Funds But Didn't Pay Workers

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