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In my ongoing attempts to find information and opinion from conservative voices who aren't batshit crazy or outrage entrepreneurs, this coverage of Seattle CHAZ/CHOP seems like a reasonable fit

calorie counting 

Whole Foods deli, you're killing me. 3 ounces:
Chopped Roasted Turkey Breast = 180 calories
Chopped Classic Rotisserie Chicken = 70 calories
Neither ingredient list contains any sweeteners or oils. Just meat, salt, pepper. This can't possibly be accurate. Can it?

Apparently is the "official" hashtag for this conference... Any other Fediversers tooting?

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covid-19 race stats 

oof. In the big county next to where I live the death rate per capita for Hispanics is very low and for Asians is very high... wut the wut?

I'm "attending" a 3 day online-only conference, and they're streaming the whole thing to YouTube. So you too can attend for free apparently. Perl 7! Perl 8!! :)

video game violence 

lol gaming last night I couldn't see it on my stream, but my squadmate...

I stream here:

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My donation to the fundraiser won the raffle, super excited to receive this woodcut!

whoah. @carami is now my "endorsement / featured user / choice" listed on my account profile because umm... this Mastodon feature isn't confusingly + inconsistently labelled at all and there was a blank space so I filled it in :)

oh. Apparently I'm not going to do that. I merged my following lists trivially, but importing toots isn't a thing (yet?) apparently

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so my other Masto server died. I'm going to try to import those 120 toots into this account. Apologies in advance if ... ummm ... Bad Things happen :)

I just misheard "super bullish" as "superbowl-ish" and was wondering what other birbs are very similar to superb owls...

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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, stars and swords ✨

🐱 Site & shop:
🐺 Commission info:

🦊 Art prints:
🦌 Apparel, accessories & more:

:patreon: Support me on Patreon:
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:twitter: If you still fancy birdsite:

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"A story and half home (above flood level) ... was flooded in 2019, loosing the main entry, living room..."
so what, would you say, does "above flood level" mean?

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