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Huh. So I knew Trypophobia was a thing (fear or disgust of closely-packed holes). TIL that some people react to tightly placed circles. I wonder how strongly these two phenomenon are correlated.

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Programmer poll: Someone asks you for this:
flag does not exist = true
flag is 0 = false
flag is 1 = true

City Homicide S1E1 [police chief chewing out detectives]
But NO, you three go storming in there with your size 12 boots on!
Size 12 is a big, intimidating boot?
(I wear 14s.)

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Here's a few guidelines for supporting striking workers:


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I should read something while I have this time at home and have the flexibility to put time into it. Anybody have one of those “I read this and it made my life better, I became a better person, and now things are great” book recommendations?

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Dear planet:

Hello! It is now May in the northern hemisphere. I think you have become confused which hemisphere gets snow during the winter, and which gets snow during the summer.
Finland is supposed to get snow during the winter. You did not give us any snow during last winter, which was ... difficult to deal with.
It is now May, as I said before, and this is the third time this month you have snowed. Stop it. It isn't going to last, because it is too warm right after the clouds part. Just stop it.

To reiterate:

Snow in Finland during the winter half.
Not during the summer half.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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A week later, I'm still rocked by this response:

JILL LEPORE: So what we need after the apocalypse is nationalism?

Awareness like this is a sign of a life well lived.
RadioLab: Today, we look back at the items our Cold War era planners sought to save and we ask the question: In the year 2020, what objects would we preserve now?

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All the efforts of critical-tech artists to demystify 'the cloud' and counter the narrative that tech is magic... unnecessary.
Turns out data centres in Taiwan require a certain brand of crisps to magically keep them running.
RT @Arlieth
We might think our servers and black boxes run on some weird fucking magic shit but we got nothing on Taiwanese Kuai Kuai (乖乖) reliability engineering rituals.

Yup. I'm the old guy who can't keep up, suspects all this labeling isn't helping, simply wants people to be kind.

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I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a #comic :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)

:krita: #krita #MakingComics

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Something I've been working on
A cover for a future comic
#OC #MastoArt

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To sum up:
-humans and gender and attraction are complicated and messy
-prescriptivist definitions are a load of rubbish and mostly don't take into account said complicatedness and messiness
-if you feel like bi is a helpful label to describe your experiences, congrats, you're bi

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