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A story of a commune / "communal capitalism" / "Perfectionism" / "bible commune-ism" / "responsible capitalism"
Episode 777: Free Love, Free Market
In the 20th century, Oneida was a household name: One of America's biggest flatware manufacturers. The company's knives and forks were a symbol of middle-class elegance. The advertising was so prolific, Oneida came to represent the very idea of a well-set table...

So far we have 11 people from 4 cities in the Slack, so I'm cautiously optimistic that it could be an amazingly useful resource. :)

An interesting week. I'm in 12 Slacks. I've enjoyed / suffered under Slack for years.

This week I'm evangelizing dragging people all over the world into a new Slack (this thread) because I honestly believe its better than not having one. Better than FaceBook (etc.) in many ways.

Simultaneously (1) I'm bemoaning this weeks Slack changes because I hate WYSIWYG editors (2) lots of open source Slacks I'm in are (semi-)abandoned (3) in large groups a few shit heads tend to emerge, loudly.

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ALERT! Beck no longer says he’s a Scientologist. We can stop feeling weird about it now.

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"We're going to terraform Mars using a nuclear bomb"

My dude, we still can't put rectangles on a screen without leaking someone's blood type to a Romanian crime syndicate; I don't want anyone firing nukes at a planet just yet

A powerful story of the disconnect between academic / theoretical discussions and lived experience.
The Ventilator: Life, Death And The Choices We Make At The End

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"Reduce!" howled the protestors, "Reuse! Recycle!"

They were at it all night, keeping CEOs awake, vacating just before dawn.

As dusk blossomed on distant continents, others concerned with the environment rose and marched into the night.

Some simply planted and tended saplings, fiercely protecting their oxygen giving charges.

The vampires would save the Earth if humans didn't.

After all, they UNDERSTOOD conserving THEIR food supply.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Are you a volunteer with a group? Would you like a Slack (chat) server to create your own local discussion channel(s) and talk to other groups around the world? Join us:

boobs / drugs go in Telegram Secret Chats, right? Am I doing correctly?

Gov. Kristi Noem has a message for South Dakota: "Meth. We're On It."

via @gabek

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When buying outdoor gear / bags, please consider shopping My understanding is that they are hyper concerned about environmental and fair pay issues. I've bought several bags through them and the quality is excellent.

Pretty proud of myself for winning this game on stream this morning :)

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Funny thing about this era of highly networked global communication. We're creating and destroying cultures nearly daily. Microcultures spin up around individual memes and launch off fucking t-shirt lines and hats and tattoos and tribal 'net warfare and then disappear within a few days.

The internet is finally driving a point home to various circles. Culture is highly ephemeral and transitory. You can't group people by culture so easily anymore because we're all part of dozens of overlapping microcultures at any given point. You are your own culture, a venn diagram of all kinds of fun stuff.

"Generations" never really made sense to begin with and are sort of the spherical frictionless cow of humanities and social scientists. Unfortunately, some folks really like tribalism and will use any possible reason to group and isolate people.

What fun is that? Be your own weird, your own microculture. Find folks with comfortable venn diagram overlaps and celebrate where they don't.

wow, this thread. Nice to see far-left activist Mastodon getting popular enough to recreate the miscommunication patterns of the earlier platforms we all left to come here :)
humans gonna human
forever surprised people throw so much energy at microblog platforms when the subject is deeply complex

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Mama the orc barbarian~

Felt like drawing my first campaign character from a decade ago. #dnd

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right now i have a physics paper open in private browsing and furry porn in regular browsing :blobhyperthink:

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Oh. For years I've been blaming the old iPad for locking up for 3m every morning I try to use it. This morning I realized it's fine until 60s after I open the Twitter app.

So apparently the iPad is fine, Twitter decides to defrag itself or something a minute after launch, locking the whole iPad up.

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