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OK, I might be playing too much PUBG. I walked outside and a helicopter was overhead and looked up to spot the airdrop.

dude with a gun 

Fascinating conversations w/ animal right activists about the effectiveness of actions, including a self-labelled utilitarian, which is my jam

Perl5: The Hobbit. Smaller. More plot holes. Not as extensive.
Perl6: Lord of the Rings.
(Same story, idea, mindset, environment. A re-imagination.)
Command Line Heroes
Diving for

Monk: Do you love your job?
Bobby: Yes I do!
M: What do you do exactly?
Peggy: He inherits money.
M: I could do that. I bet I'd be good at that.
M: There's never hope. I wish I drank. Is it wonderful?
P: Yeah, it's pretty great.
Monk S5E12

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#GNUGo is a #terminal #Go board and challenging Go AI.

GNU Go can be played versus AI or against users on various internet Go servers. GNU Go supports various protocols allowing for GUIs or internet services to be created very modularly. GNU Go's AI can be quite challenging, ranging from 5 to 7 kyu on a 9 by 9 board.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: gnugo

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #game #boardgame

uhh... so how Mastodon search works is that "Perl" isn't indexed (searchable), but is?

Humblebrag: I am CRUSHING the Streamer game! It's only taken me 183 days to earn $30!!

(They don't send any money until you hit $100 total.)

As a 25 year Perl veteran that has been told Perl is dead for 20+ years it's oddly comforting hearing identical tropes in other communities I'm not a part of.

e.g. HAM radio: "I get tired of everyone saying the bands are dead. They've never seen the bands this bad in their life! Sell your HF gear its all useless!" -frustrated chuckle-

Nice to see the largest electricity producer in Iowa 59% wind and striving toward 100% renewable!

Host your servers at, save the Earth. :)

Wow. Vox does an amazing job of explaining complex things quickly <3
How scientists colorize photos of space

YouTube. Stunning 101 learning of just about anything. For free.
And simultaneously full of so much bullshit.

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Juniper started girls rock camp today and immediately formed a goth band with three other girls. She named them and designed their artwork. First show is Saturday, where they’re performing their first two songs: “Hospital Crow” and “Sunflower”.

Chinese organ theft (Falun Gong) 

Ah! I was wondering what this game was called in English. It's called "International Go" via

Natalie: Does it ever get to you? Seeing people dead?
Lt: Yeah, it did for a while. But I got used to it.
N: That must be awful. Getting used to it.
L: Ya, it was pretty awful. But I got used to it. That's the worst part, you know. Getting used to it. Something you never really get used to.
-- Monk S4E3

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ICE, Really good news 

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