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awww, its nice to have a bar urinal give my ego a little boost

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 11: Advanced Cylinders.


Loaded into Procreate to add color to the #drawing, and deliberately went sloppy with that stage. Sloppy made me itch but it was just too fussy.

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Huh. Omaha PD is highlighted. And they mention a podcast Running From Cops, which I'll give a listen to
The truth behind the TV show Cops

Ha. Mom called about another "Federated Mint" ad in her local paper. Google search, first result is BBB complaints. :)

$1885! You save over $3000!!

Silver spot price is $14.70 today. If you want to buy $735 in silver bullion, I'll sell it to ya for way less than $2K, ping me anytime. :)

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

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Only 1200s kids will remember paying taxes with butter

Attending an excellent talk on Information Theory.

But... me being me, I have jokes:

I do Information Theory all the time too.

ya, I mean, in *theory* I know where your data is

in *theory* I didn't destroy your database

in *theory* I read your fucking email

in *theory* your meeting was super productive
and I totally give a shit

quinacridone can form a self-assembling, supramolecular organic semiconductor

also... what do any of those words mean? Asking for a friend.

ha! OK Episode 1 was a little slow, but Episode 2 is amazing

"Join two low ranking officers aboard a well known exploratory vessel as they break regulations and broadcast a behind the scenes podcast of what life is really like going where no one has gone before"

You can use IMDB to track which episode of Star Trek they're doing their unauthorized broadcast about :)

Why did I resubscribe to HBO when there's already a better version on YouTube for free?

Ep 5. GAME of BONES - "Dachshunds are Coming"

(dogs. not porn.)

"Because they only hit [the moon] at about 1km/sec, the disc containing Wikipedia and the cheese probably survived."

The First Commercial Lunar Spacecraft - 20 Years before Israel & Beresheet

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

blink... took me about 3 seconds to assign the correct acronym to POC:
> please reach out to the designated POCs with any urgent requests or questions.

Coworkers helpfully suggested:
* proofs of concept
* pieces of crap
* pints of cognac
* Presumed Operational Conclusion
* Persons Offering Confusion
* Possibly Outraged Coder

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