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quinacridone can form a self-assembling, supramolecular organic semiconductor

also... what do any of those words mean? Asking for a friend.

ha! OK Episode 1 was a little slow, but Episode 2 is amazing

"Join two low ranking officers aboard a well known exploratory vessel as they break regulations and broadcast a behind the scenes podcast of what life is really like going where no one has gone before"

You can use IMDB to track which episode of Star Trek they're doing their unauthorized broadcast about :)

Why did I resubscribe to HBO when there's already a better version on YouTube for free?

Ep 5. GAME of BONES - "Dachshunds are Coming"

(dogs. not porn.)

"Because they only hit [the moon] at about 1km/sec, the disc containing Wikipedia and the cheese probably survived."

The First Commercial Lunar Spacecraft - 20 Years before Israel & Beresheet

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

Things I learned in CPR (DEMP) class 

blink... took me about 3 seconds to assign the correct acronym to POC:
> please reach out to the designated POCs with any urgent requests or questions.

Coworkers helpfully suggested:
* proofs of concept
* pieces of crap
* pints of cognac
* Presumed Operational Conclusion
* Persons Offering Confusion
* Possibly Outraged Coder

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What do I do for a living? I sit alone in a basement while dozens of people (and machines) scattered all over the world drive me insane via little glowing chunks of glass and metal.

Dolla dolla bills, y'all. Chasing my "bliss."

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Do they dream? #cuttlefish exhibits sleep-like state that resembles the vertebrate rapid-eye movement sleep #REMS. #science #biology #cephalopod #sleep #dream
📄 Iglesias et al. (2019) Journal of Experimental Biology 222:jeb174862

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New Commission post with updated tiers! 💜

All info also on my website at

Boosts appreciated but you can also just tell your grandma. Or your cat. Or alter Ego. Just... tell someone.

#art #mastoart #commissions #CommissionMe #creativetoots

Omaha Food Not Bombs helps some people every Sunday. Meanwhile, 45 minutes west, Lincoln Nebraska has been DOMINATING food reclamation distribution since 1985. Absolutely crushing it.

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If you have a Mac, you should check out my friend @gabek’s Mastodon app. You can even kinda quote-boost!

Poison is ingested. Venom is injected.

If I swallow a poisonous snake and it bites my stomach lining, was that still venom?

I am quite pleased with the proposed solutions for urban environments. :)

Unresolved: Am I really pro decriminalizing of all drugs? I think I am. -cont'd pondering-

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