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Rewatching it I doubt this is true but it's a good story:

Today I was told parts of the script for this scene were secrets held from the supporting actors, who were told if they laughed they would be fired.

So the supporting actors laughing -- some of that is real. (They weren't fired, I assume.)

Life of Brian. Biggus Dickus scene

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introduction, long toot 

Some streamers have a whole rolodex of general chat-prompting questions in their brain that they say out loud when their chat goes quiet.

I don't think they even realize they're asking these open ended questions.

Then people answer the question and they get pissed. Whoops. :)

Streamer auto-pilot brain is a thing, y'all. And sometimes they're not in the mood to get the feedback they don't even realize they're prompting from viewers.

Heh. Art streamer asks "What do you think?"

Somebody politely suggests something.

Art streamers do not want suggestions. It turns into a thing.

Correct answers to "what do you think?" are restricted to positivity only.

Words are tricky, all about context.

Supporting "small" artists on Twitch: A Paradox?

I like supporting (subscribing to ($)) traditional artists on Twitch. I like when there's < 20 people watching, because you can interact with them occasionally if you want to.

Once a streamer is huge (hundreds / thousands of people watching) their chat is a huge mess of noise and nonsense. People screaming to get attention.

But at $5/month (then Twitch keeps half) an artist needs hundreds / thousands of subscribers to live.

lol "Not like it changes anything, but we are obligated to inform you that we are using cookies - so, we just did."

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Keep in mind that if you're a big dude (like me) sometimes they'll use long chain cuffs or 2 sets of handcuffs on you.

Handcuffs weigh ~15 ounces so if you're "stuck" at your current job for money at todays spot price:

Golden handcuffs: $19,978
Silver handcuffs: $241
Platinum handcuffs: $12,480
Palladium handcuffs: $22,095
Rhodium handcuffs: $40,350

Yay! The surgeon gave me the all-clear this morning. No more "butt stuff" CWs from me. :)

USpol - 32 "National Emergencies" 

:D science!

Entropic Time (Backwards Billy Joel Parody) | A Capella Science

An excellent conversation about social media and how we fund the gathering of information. The final minutes are especially on point in my experience working in ad tech.

Jaron Lanier is a scientist, musician, and writer best known for his work in virtual reality and his advocacy of humanism and sustainable economics in a digital context.

"The site estimated that Harris made $23,000 to $65,000 from Patreon per episode."

O_O zomg
and he dropped it.

That's way more than when I subtweeted him about a year ago. :)

Huh. So Sam Harris left patreon ( saving me $2/month ;) ). Should I leave patreon? Has anyone tracked down this source material and made their own call?

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I’m always jealous when I hear about people going away for an extended silent Yoga retreat. But instead of Yoga and silence I want mine to be bass guitar and extremely loud.

You never hear “In 2019 I’m going to take some time for me, so I’m going away to Goa, or some shit. Just me and my Fender Precision, to find myself.” Sometimes you need to arrive and be in the moment of some funky jams.

haha WOW hardware hacker nerds are amazeballs

How the Original Xbox Security was Defeated

Huh. According to PBS News Hour, in the US:
Median income: $50K
Middle class lifestyle cost: $130K

$130K is lots of money where I live. I'm under the impression most people who consider themselves "middle class" here make less.

It's crazy if "middle class" is 2.6X higher than median income.

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