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"When I buy a product and it doesn't work I return it. Yet HALF of college graduates that bought the education product [college degrees] aren't even using it. Colleges and universities have to step up and take responsibility for the product they are selling and make sure it has the value they say it does." -- Dusty Wunderlich TEDx

( US student loan debt is now $1.5 TRILLION dollars. Higher than credit cards and auto loans. )

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#Comics Watch did an interview with me, in case you're curious/bored!

lol. Sci-fi usually throws me when time travel shows up. e.g.: Star Trek Enterprise S3:E24:

A time-traveller Daniels grabs Archer and pulls him 7 years into the future to show him something.

Archer: "I don't have time for this."

uhhh... Yes. Yes you do. You can take all the time you want because you've got a freaking time traveller standing right there who can do whatever he wants, time wise. Take a sabbatical captain. Your urgent problem will be waiting for you 7 years in the past, whenever.

ya. I think in their minds the universe is organized like this:
1) Foreigners.
2) Patriotic Americans.
3) The US government sucks and must be stopped.
You're not allowed to be 3 unless you've been 2.

Pretty sure I'm a comic genius. Chat log evidence:
T: Fucking lag caused me to lose in 30 seconds
T is livid
dferret is lipid
dferret: my rap battle name is FattyAcid

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You can see this in action by giving $5/month to this mixed media + podcast artist :)

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Wow, slick! So nowadays supports having patron tiers for which they publish patron-specific private RSS URLs for podcasts that subscribers can use in their favorite podcast player. :)

So as a creator, you can just publish .mp3 files to if you want your podcast to be monetized & distributed through

I have no idea if patreon has good podcast analytics or not. :)

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lol the pencil argument at 1h 10m. Fond memories of being a phil major who thought he wanted to do this shit for a living :)

In the famous words of the idealist philosopher George Berkeley, “To exist is to be perceived.” Our ideas and perceptions are the fundamental objects in the universe; there is no real world beyond them. Hume wrote (I think) that Berkeley’s arguments don’t admit of the slightest refutation, and they don’t inspire the slightest conviction...

Huh. This LOOKS like the Russians powned my old iPad. But nope, this is apparently normal Apple stuff when your credit card expires.

quick! Screenshot the estimator thinking I'm "winning" before he crushes me!

Very well done. Very uncomfortable.

Annalisa Is Awkward
What are we all so awkward about? Annalisa Dinnella explores this slippery emotion. Can she and a group of comedians outsmart awkwardness - and should they even be trying?

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@deafferret @carami Update! In the web app animated gifs are defaulted to off. You have to turn on “Auto-play animated gifs” now.

An epic memefest of the Tumblr drama recently :)

"If we’re all going down I'm going the way I lived, making shitty memes in the face of peril."

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