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Every once in a while something truly horrible happens on the internet. And I regret to inform you about this:

I hope you can find the words to explain this to the children who are too young to understand.

part 3 also contains a great intro to DNA and Bioinformatics :)

!!! In part 3 a dissected icefish heart is STILL BEATING in his hand!

⸘interrobang‽ Netflix "Explained" episode "!" is pretty interesting. :)

Whoah neat! I've been auto-loaning on Kiva for over 10 years now. 4,355 micro-loans to people in 79 countries. :) You can get started with $25.

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Hello #dnd, #CriticalRole, #taz fans! My dragon dice bags are now on PREORDER!!! Official #dungeonsanddragons merch! Currently only offered in red, but if they sell well and there’s interest, maybe they’ll add the other colours? 😘 #critters #dragons

I'm having one of those days where I typed a longish semi-joke and then deleted it without hitting enter.

~15 times.

I'm feeling saucy, apparently. But my "wait, am I an asshole?" filter is still working. Don't give me any beer today.

Do y'all remember when people had email whitelist services? Like you'd send an email and it would auto-reply saying "hi, if you're actually a human, add this token to your email and you'll be whitelisted and I'll read your email"

I have a soft spot for old timey nerd rage.

sigh OK YouTube I'll delete the 6GB I already uploaded and upload 6GB again since apparently you removed the "combine videos" editor feature that was working fine for years. Have it your way.

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