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Grandma is 94. She doesn't remember there is a piano in the room next to hers, or that she has a room, or where she is, or how she got there; but she still played two impressively complex songs from memory, no problem. <3

(I am my uncle and I got so fat! Repeatedly. lolz)

<3 someone did a formal write up (and bought a domain) for one of my nerd rage triggers

Apparently "pepparkakor biscuits" are irresistable. They certainly trigger a flood of cock and poop jokes. :)

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"Tenderloin sandwich" in Dunlap Iowa. "Ya, it's big" they said.

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I recently listened to the Changelog Podcast interviewing @Gargron. Hearing the story behind Mastodon was a breath of fresh air when all we usually hear is negativity around the products surrounding us every day.

Monk: He's in Zurich isn't he? At the Breinhoff Clinic?
W: How did you know that?
M: It's the best hospital in the world for psychological disorders. I'd be there myself. But I don't fly.
-- Monk S1E7

Royal Navy being interviewed about Somali pirates:

Can you see the pirates point of view?

Well, ya, but I have a family to feed too and I don't run around pointing guns at people... Well, I do. Big ones. [laughter]

aww twitch streamer who hitchhikes all over got picked up by a dude w/ a doggo. Cost of ride: constant pets.

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Interesting. I didn't know there are so many atmospheric problems trying to dis/prove flat earth optically from the surface.

ha a co-worker quoted me as saying this this morning:

"we're in a transitional phase to our aspirational policies"

yup, that's pretty much my day job in a nutshell. I say things like that and don't even realize I'm doing it.

Yup. When the shit hits the fan Wall Street and journalists covering it look out for themselves and keep the information to themselves.

"But next time it'll be different." lol

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