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[hearing light shuffling noise through the wall]

god, i hope that's a squirrel in the crawlspace and not someone moving in to the apartment next to me.

[hearing the sound of a power drill through the wall]

god, i hope the bed frame that squirrel is assembling is quiet and i don't have to constantly hear them fucking.

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@kitty is it? /me hides, giggling

@War_Kittens nice! You're 3 months younger than me. Go team '75! ;)

@AFresh1 I'd love to jump to M1 but I think I have to wait for stronger Docker support.

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While Ed Mastery basically silenced the MRAs who complained about feminine pronouns in my tech books, I had previously made this table to answer them.


(By "silenced," I mean "they stopped complaining to me about it." The MRAs are still yammering away in their Man Pits.)

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I wish there was an "index fund" of charities and causes that I could trust were vetted to be benefiting people and would adjust contributions to each place as necessary.

@AFresh1 if you find one please let me know. kiva.org is one engine of trying to help a wide variety of people.

Code for America is looking for volunteers to help educate people about the Earned Income Tax Credit. Apparently the EITC is one of the most progressive tax laws on the books, yet millions of eligible Americans don't know about it, so don't take it. bit.ly/3igZX0m

@pygmyduck (4) I stood there a minute trying to figure out if he had threatened anyone or touched anyone, and it looked like he hadn't and Kayla and Becca had it under control so I figured my presence was making it worse / unnecessary, so went back to work while staying close enough to hear

@pygmyduck (2) then it got louder and I looked over again and Becca was standing there and he was nearly yelling(?) I couldn't tell what was happening so I wandered over to make sure he wasn't about to do something stupid (3) I arrived on scene in case I needed to body shield (or more) and he was very loud yelling "all this male energy" at Becca and saying that he fights guys all the time

@pygmyduck heh. stumbled into my Slack history from Feb 5 2020:
So I'll tell you what happened from my perspective in this thread so it doesn't distract from the main conversation. (1) he was doing his normal thing which Kayla was fielding and I was reminding myself to jokingly thank Kayla after for talking to him so I don't have to

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#owncast just released its 0.0.5 update! It now recognizes Keyoxide as a social handle 🎉

To celebrate, #keyoxide 2.4.1 can now verify your ownership of an Owncast instance 😎

Example (@yarmo): keyoxide.org/9f0048ac0b23301e1

Here's the guide keyoxide.org/guides/owncast to add this to your own profile!

Let's get streaming while supporting decentralized networks!


Feeling down? TONS of good news here: cnn.com/2021/01/12/us/elle-ree

I've never been so happy to hear "nobody uses Bitcoin" :D

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@mattdsteele @gabek heh more evidence(?) that de-platforming works?

"But some complained to me that using Gab was pointless. Elliot Kline, then head of the now-defunct group Identity Evropa, told me there were no journalists on Gab. They couldn't use it to spread their message outside the echo chamber."


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