@fortyseven yikes deep cut, I vaguely remember watching some of it... aliens in human bodies... I remember nothing else but the big red bloody V at the start of the show...?

@fortyseven ya, the actor didn't hurt the dog. Germans are very physical dogs, no big deal. It would have reacted very differently if it was actually abused / scared on set (too many takes or whatever). Looked like a happy healthy well trained dog to me. :)

@fortyseven later he repeats the speech to a german shepherd, which slays me every time

@fortyseven unclear if this is racist or not, but I've quoted this speech for decades youtu.be/IrOJH8uwim4?t=199

@fortyseven "Catholic High School Girls In Trouble" seared itself forever into my adolescent brain. :)

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Heyo, this game seems like it must be a steamy look at prison life... wait. It's about brawling?

Why is it called that?!?

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More covid bullshit 

@flakoot @gabek I mean... Once it's statistically down the list behind smoking and heart disease and obesity again that's a win in my book. "Back to normal"

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My shanty with crappy vocals yay

CW, has themes of ghosts and guns

Not putting it on Funkwhale yet as a friend has expressed interest in adding some guitar and maybe some deep voice singing :o

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“why, god, why … why aren’t the hummingbirds coming”

calorie counting - week 18 

Been way more physically active, finding it extremely hard to only intake 2000 calories...

Update on springtime in Nebraska: Yesterday, gorgeous. Riding motorcycles and grilling out in flip-flops. Today: snowing.

New recruit for my cult woods house motorcycle gang. Gotta get 'em hooked while they're young. ;)

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