ha a co-worker quoted me as saying this this morning:

"we're in a transitional phase to our aspirational policies"

yup, that's pretty much my day job in a nutshell. I say things like that and don't even realize I'm doing it.

Yup. When the shit hits the fan Wall Street and journalists covering it look out for themselves and keep the information to themselves.


"But next time it'll be different." lol

A successful 2 days dirt biking in Colorado. :)

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Tony Stark w/o suit: playboy philanthropist billionaire.

Me w/o scuba dry suit: introvert philanthropist thousand-aire.

so... if you're not RVing this week what are you doing with all your free time since you're not driving to the store twice to drain your sewage from an apparently leaking toilet -> black water tank?

You raising children or something?

Lots of people tell me Bitcoin is worthless, so $0 USD seems to be an "exchange rate" calculated "in a reasonable manner that is consistently applied."

Taxes are Easy!(tm)


huh. 10 degrees hotter in Denver than Omaha. Oops. Turns out 15% humidity is better than 58% though :)

Aw c'mon Visa fraud department. What exactly is suspicious about me spending money in London (kickstarter) and Nebraska (gas bill) and Colorado (RV park) yesterday?

Just kidding. Thanks for looking out for me. :)

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please keep fave-ing, i'm using the Mastodon notification sound to echo-locate my way out of this cave I fell into.

I ate a bat.

in the first three minutes. hdard to type down here batterieslow keep boostin

Overheard: "How is SVN still a thing?"

IT is a long, mostly dry riverbed of puddles. Far downstream the river is still running with people embracing constant change. Eventually each upstream puddle dries out when enough people retire / wander off / die.

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Boost to add another pollen granule to this bat's little face

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!! $47B to build tunnels / bridges to connect Norwegian cities. Ruining the natural beauty and isolation of ancient fjords?

If you want easy transport of swarms of people across huge swaths of land isn't it easier to move to Nebraska?



Me: I'm mad cause he's doing me better than I'm doing me. (circa Childish Gambino)

jeff: If the Dane’s name is Waffles, as the collar alludes to, then I applaud that whole-heartedly. Pom’s name should be pancakes.

ßrendo: Then you need to get a french bulldog and a smaller sidecar for the first sidecar and call him french toast.

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~"People are scared. I want to show them the world is the safest it's ever been. Lots of people help strangers standing on the side of the road."

Hitch-hiking all over the world, live streaming it all: twitch.tv/hitch_live

I heard a couple new (to me) terms for out-grouping "everyone else" or "the other." If you know more let me know so I can add to my list. :)

no cryptocurrency: normie (ignorant) nocoiner (aware rejection)
non-academia: industry
non-Amish: English
non-Catholic: protestant
non-gun-owner: sheeple
non-Jewish: gentile
non-LGBTQI: cisgender
non-military: civilian
non-Mormon: gentile
non-Muslim: infidel
non-Scientologist: SP (suppressive person)

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