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Look, you guys are trying to make a good impression here, so you're going to have to straight up lie. If you don't someone else will, so it's fine. It's called Holistic Consequentialism.
— A.P. Bio S1E3

‪Playing PUBG with randos last night, ended up on my first Twitch stream :) twitch.tv/videos/231158597?t=1 Watch me get run over by our fearless leader‬

@carami saw Black Panther. Good flick! (not bawling) :)

New to computers and feeling dumb? Don't. 25 years into my programming career, this morning MacOS iPhoto -> Photos migration re-taught me how "hard links" work. Sort of. I pretty much think I know how they work again.

The learning NEVER stops. Embrace it. :)

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skeletor is a really cool guy. very supportive.

@likecroft Our ritual is flowers / charity donation and attending the funeral / reception.

@carami people have preferences. whatcha gonna do? :)

WOW I thought the patch via email or github debate fire burned itself out years ago. Nope! mastodon.social/@stsp/99520306

(Me? I hate email with the passion of a thousand burning suns.)

YouTube (a Google company) is throwing pop-up Google ads for ad blockers. octodon.social/media/wU9zeuJGF

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@Mainebot yay thanks I'm a patreon patron now

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Michael: I thought you were off the whiskey, Arthur.
Arthur: Yeah, I am. Having a couple now and again to remind myself why I don't drink it.
— Peaky Blinders S3:E1

@AFresh1 I've been loving Motorola X Pure edition (on ting.com - Sprint network but cheaper) for several years now. Their newer ones might be even better if you want to spend the money.