I was doing these protests when I was 20 years old. And now my daughter is doing them at 19. And what my parents must have felt when I was forced to do it... this is absurd

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Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) ... I saw it as a perfect opportunity to show a unity between black Americans and native Americans... black people in America have been getting the focus since the murder of George Floyd, but there are other groups that need the Black Lives Matter movement to succeed to give them a better shot too <3 99percentinvisible.org/episode

"The people who are often doing the right thing in this world are often tearing themselves to pieces trying to answer the question if they're doing the right thing."

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - The Missionary, with Rajiv Golla

Nebraska produces way less corn than Iowa, but we're #1 in popcorn production so hereafter the University of Nebraska are the Popcornhuskers.

We actually dominate another crop far more, but the Nebraska Great Northern Beaners just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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"At the end of WWII there were more people living in American colonies and occupied zones (e.g. Japan) than living in the US. If you looked up and saw an American flag, it is more likely you were NOT in the American mainland." wnycstudios.org/podcasts/otm/e
NPR On the Media, Empire State of Mind

In case you thought gopher (an Internet protocol invented in 1991 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gopher_() was dead I just saw this super pure itch scratch post today:

> I am officially volunteering to do the leg work for a gopher version of perl.org if there is interest, some things to consider but will only try to enumerate my questions again, if there is some interest. Actually that's not true, I don't expect there to be interest. I just need some sort of 'sure why not.'

Have the British really invaded 90% of the countries in the world?

If you don't have time for that video, here's a tiktok version: mobile.twitter.com/rosielanner

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covid-19 joke 🇺🇸 

In case you thought 1987 tech was all abandoned, I was reminded today that some people disagree. SDF - The Ethical Social Network: sdf.org/?tutorials/social_netw

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I'm burned out on people taking the idiocy of our most extreme idiots and pumping that into social media.

There are 7 billion of us. I can't keep consuming environments where the worst 0.005% receive 50% of the attention.

A lot of this is on me. In addition to using the right platforms I need to carefully curate my follow list while somehow not becoming completely unaware of truly important events. This appears to be hard to do.

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"ok first off and let's just get this out of the way I'm not working here. Okay now sit down and get ready for a lecture on the concept of antifascism. Good thing you got this whiteboard handy."

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every day I live in fear and awe of people who post what's actually going through their heads

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