Holy crap! A fox! He didn't seem to want to eat our Food Not Bombs leftovers, but he happily peed near the pile to go on record with the deer, raccoons, (woodchuck?) and possum who love to eat it. youtu.be/knb5nwootBE?t=6m17s

Turns out @mentalina is a genius. Our 7 month old puppy (house horse) goes into his kennel for "quiet time" with his treat puzzle thing he has to manipulate to get treats. You've heard of escape rooms and their puzzles. Huey has a no escape room(tm). :)

lol Grey's Anatomy S7:E10
"His abdomen is distended"
1% body fat actor lying there pushing his muscular "belly" out as far as he can.
Hollywood is a trip. Probably one foundational pillar in my life-long body image issues.

@ussducky I'm very glad it's so painless for you. :) I'm very happy with the medical care *I* receive, but the cluster-fudge of paperwork every time drives me crazy, seems insanely inefficient (waste of money) for all these companies to fight all these billing wars every time I have anything done. It's nice to hear not everyone with private insurance in the USA has the same paperwork flood I always seem to have.

@ussducky huh. What insurance do you have, if any? Mine's Aetna via my employer.

@sushee our Retro meetings take ~90m every 2 weeks. Our daily Stand ups take ~15m a day (small team).

@ussducky because I have good insurance I receive excellent health care. My appendix came out same day and they sent me home. It's the paperwork and the billing that are a massive waste of time and energy that could better go to ... you know, actual health care.

@ussducky what country do you live in? I had my appendix out in ~2016 and I couldn't quickly find my records about how many thousands of dollars that was and how many months I ended up shuffling / fighting the paperwork between who knows how many corporations...

American healthcare. 2021.

GP: huh, you should see a dermatologist about this mole. Here's a referral.
Derm: yup, we're gonna remove this mole. It'll take 5 minutes. Done.
Lab: Not cancer, you're fine.
Hospital network: You owe us $738
Insurance: No problem, here's $45.
Me: shuffling paperwork between ~4 corporations, sending $693.

Me: Continually stunned Americans don't vote for universal healthcare.

I refreshed my podcast list. I'm always curious about what other people are listening to, so if you'd be willing to share your OPML files, I'd appreciate it. :)

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#MastoArt #CreativeToots

OK, that's just way too cute. My friend made a huge cardboard rocket ship for his 3 year old to sit in complete with steering wheel and jet thrusters and buttons that turn lights on and off (via Raspberry Pi). No pics for you, I guess, because posting photos of kids feels creepy.

My friend's HNT (Helium) crypto mining rig. Unlike all other mining I'm aware of, you're rewarded not for destroying the Earth, but for providing low power RF services to IoT devices youtu.be/SHyYUJgE3lI

@apLundell best of luck to those people. I hope they exist. sigh :/

wow, at 6:30 check out that pizza making robot obsoleting my favorite high school job (Pizza Hut) youtube.com/watch?v=36j802A5sT

Apologies to any vision impaired followers I have, I keep trying to do better about annotating photos I post.

Our poor dog doesn't have anything to chew on so he was chewing the wooden endtable. 🙄

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