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Wow. Some excellent counseling regarding your son, ex-wife, and the new step dad. Extreme emotions, very real pain.

Mormon and the Meth-Head Episode 18: Baby Mama Trauma (Part 2)

Note: I'm aware UBI and minimum wage hikes can be two separate (though related) discussions.

And arguments are made that UBI would eliminate the (apparently real) downsides of minimum wage fiddling.

That's also part of the podcast -- that "the left" wants UBI and all this minimum wage stuff is just prelude to the true agenda.

People are complicated. Their motivations and good faith understandings vary wildly. Let alone all the bad faith actors in the "debate."

I support Universal Basic Income (I think the USA can afford it), but it appears the studies of Seattle's $15 minimum wage are not a slam dunk win for UBI. Lots of thoughtful discussion in this podcast:

Lots of the discussion is about selection bias -- nearly everyone uses these academic studies to confirm however they already feel about UBI.

@carami The source former-military audience thought it was funny. :)

@carami uh oh. You're mad at me? Was that an off-color joke? I didn't mean to offend anyone.

PSD: Protective Service Detail
PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

so... if you're protecting someone with PTSD is that a PPTSDSD?

An excellent speed run through the biggest questions in the universe.

The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics

Looks like I need to binge another backlog of yet another YouTuber. :)

Myrtle Beach Safari posted this interesting vid of a chimp, named Sugriva, popping balloons in VR

Wow very cool. Netflix "Fishpeople" taking inner city kids surfing.
At the MeWater Foundation, we have witnessed first hand how exposure to the ocean and mother nature has the power to educate, inspire, and empower. We work to address trauma and stress in young people from backgrounds of poverty and violence in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide them a different way of relating to the world and communities they live in.

4 US (NATO) soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year. "The Afghan militant death count is so high the government no longer releases statistics regularly."

Interesting thoughts on income disparity and how its affecting the gaming (and other) industries:

Last 5 minutes of:

Counterpoint: Do the working class poor have $1400 gaming PCs to play these "free" games while struggling paycheck to paycheck?

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Drawing some birds for blanco panels today. Ready to drop them into their proper pages when I get hoooome

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ha! episode 15 is pretty interesting. 2 people with very damaged emotional pasts working through their current "free love" relationship — on a podcast

If I was more impulsive I would have quit my job and become a shark lab bum today ;)

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