Pretty proud of myself for winning this game on stream this morning :)

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Funny thing about this era of highly networked global communication. We're creating and destroying cultures nearly daily. Microcultures spin up around individual memes and launch off fucking t-shirt lines and hats and tattoos and tribal 'net warfare and then disappear within a few days.

The internet is finally driving a point home to various circles. Culture is highly ephemeral and transitory. You can't group people by culture so easily anymore because we're all part of dozens of overlapping microcultures at any given point. You are your own culture, a venn diagram of all kinds of fun stuff.

"Generations" never really made sense to begin with and are sort of the spherical frictionless cow of humanities and social scientists. Unfortunately, some folks really like tribalism and will use any possible reason to group and isolate people.

What fun is that? Be your own weird, your own microculture. Find folks with comfortable venn diagram overlaps and celebrate where they don't.

wow, this thread. Nice to see far-left activist Mastodon getting popular enough to recreate the miscommunication patterns of the earlier platforms we all left to come here :)
humans gonna human
forever surprised people throw so much energy at microblog platforms when the subject is deeply complex

@Caudle yay! was starting to feel very lonely in my ongoing boycott.

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@randomgeek me neither. that's why i don't run ;)

I have been walking + lifting weights again, though. :)

@Niidles I work && lurk art streamers on twitch a lot. I have my ~20 favorites I sub to to help support their bill paying :)

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Mama the orc barbarian~

Felt like drawing my first campaign character from a decade ago. #dnd

@gabek yesterday they threatened to promote me. so my list is quit, fired, promoted :blobsad:

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right now i have a physics paper open in private browsing and furry porn in regular browsing :blobhyperthink:

@malin congrats! me? I can't drag half my uncles into sending a text (3 seconds) instead of a 5 minute phone call about a plane delay...

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Oh. For years I've been blaming the old iPad for locking up for 3m every morning I try to use it. This morning I realized it's fine until 60s after I open the Twitter app.

So apparently the iPad is fine, Twitter decides to defrag itself or something a minute after launch, locking the whole iPad up.

@auntiekiki my friend has my favorite tattoo in the world: "God damn it, you have to be kind"

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"No one had ever asked me to defend my pedagogical choices before, and once they did, I found much of my pedagogy indefensible. I felt regret and no small amount of embarrassment. My teaching was undone by the presence of a question that was never articulated quite this directly but was everywhere around me: Why not be kind?"

@andypeters @gabek Andy, I thought you swore off XCode forever back at CoVis?

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There was about a year or so after the end of World War II that some really cool political stuff was happening on the Korean peninsular.

The Japanese empire left a power vacuum that was quickly being filled by the imperialist powers of the USA and USSR and their puppet regimes, but which left room for the people of Korea to form local 'People's Committees' from which to govern themselves.

These happened spontaneously, from the bottom-up in villages, towns and cities alike. Although the movement was nationwide, it was not a national movement, nobody was mandating what the committees should be doing. And sure enough, with the power in the hands of the people, the people took what was rightfully theirs. Land and property was redistributed from wealthy landlords to their tenants.

The committees were huge, the ones formed in Pyongyang and Seoul even presented dual-power structures big enough to rival the states being constructed in both the North and South.

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