Why did I agree to time control "30 Days + 5 Days(5)"? With weekend stoppages and 200 moves this one game could last over FOUR YEARS! online-go.com/game/24800593

Part of my stream last night was Go. After losing and almost losing several games I should have crushed, a viewer recommended Cho Chikun's Encyclopedia of Life and Death. OGS has an interactive tutorial of the first 900 lessons. It's amazing. Lesson 1: online-go.com/puzzle/2824

Whoah! Bad-ass ... Jim went through and reviewed THE HELL out of my most recent Omaha Go Club game online-go.com/review/417856

Jim (Omaha Go Club) would appreciate any constructive feedback anyone has on his Go videos he posted. Please re-toot! youtube.com/channel/UCGs6TzfMF

Go is a fun game. But zero sum conflict. In today's political climate and in the shadow of Monopoly: Socialism Edition I've been pondering some sort of non-zero-sum solidarity co-op Go.


On the other hand, like 4 player chess, a zero-sum multiplayer Go is intriguing. :)

Ah! I was wondering what this game was called in English. It's called "International Go" via bit.ly/2Yx2M26