There’s this great new Korean drama on Netflix called Sisyphus whose main character is basically a technical genius. At one point he has to quickly code up a new app on his phone in order to authorize starting a car. This is the only time in the series I recall so far that he names a programming language, and it is .

In case you thought gopher (an Internet protocol invented in 1991 was dead I just saw this super pure itch scratch post today:

> I am officially volunteering to do the leg work for a gopher version of if there is interest, some things to consider but will only try to enumerate my questions again, if there is some interest. Actually that's not true, I don't expect there to be interest. I just need some sort of 'sure why not.'

I'm "attending" a 3 day online-only conference, and they're streaming the whole thing to YouTube. So you too can attend for free apparently. Perl 7! Perl 8!! :)

OMG I approve this Kurt Vonnegut quip!

They're apparently renaming to (?).

"quip: They should call the new language Swine, because Perl's before Swine ;P"

Perl5: The Hobbit. Smaller. More plot holes. Not as extensive.
Perl6: Lord of the Rings.
(Same story, idea, mindset, environment. A re-imagination.)
Command Line Heroes
Diving for

uhh... so how Mastodon search works is that "Perl" isn't indexed (searchable), but is?

Tee-hee! Thanks to Walt for his annual reminder how awesome one-liners are!

My use today (squash HUGE IP list into CIDR blocks):

perl -MNet::CIDR::Lite -ne 'BEGIN{$cidr = Net::CIDR::Lite->new} s/[\r\n]+$//; $cidr->add_ip($_); END{print join "\r\n", $cidr->list; print "\r\n"}' IPs.txt