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She can't chase (lung problems) but she's glad the nurse rabbit keeps checking in.

Javascript: You have to start 'em young so they build up emotional defenses.

Just a typical Saturday morning in Iowa dry suit scuba diving. As you do. Air 33°F Water 39°F. 26m dive time, an hour in the water. Max depth 31 foot. :) DiVentures Omaha

Dunno what all the fuss is about. These "one cup" videos are adorbs.

...wha?? So excited to invite myself over to my neighbors house.

4am ER run for brothers ongoing kidney stone drama. I really know how to party 🥂🍾🏥🎩

Annual work trip to Vegas was fun. We had Oreos so I got to play KGB from Rounders up in the suite. Most fun I've ever had with two racks of 1s from a casino. :)

Saturday: YAY! The new truck seems to haul the RV even better than my "old" (sigh!!) truck that blew up on me.

Sunday: ARGH!! 5 check engine lights lit up -- 330 miles is WAY TOO SOON for all this nonsense, Ford!

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