calorie counting - week 18 

Been way more physically active, finding it extremely hard to only intake 2000 calories...

New recruit for my cult woods house motorcycle gang. Gotta get 'em hooked while they're young. ;)

Had no idea my coworker of ~10 years(?)' spouse is an author. Downloaded their book in seconds. The future really is amazing. From an author I've never met in Ontario to my Kindle in my new woods house in Nebraska in seconds... <3

calorie counting - week 17 

Ya apparently when I plateau getting a shitload of exercise breaks through. Ugh. Exercise is so much work...

calorie counting week 16 

Been a very strange couple of weeks. Moving from one house to another eating pizza, now I've been sick for a couple of days. Crazy 10 lb drop out of... nowhere? fitbit was very proud of me for a while there. Trying to get back onto the 2000/day plan.

Holy crap, thank goodness 99% of house moving is over, I can resume my sedentary lifestyle. (I gained 1 pound from 4 days of pizza lol whoops)

lol please God won't the moving stop? (98% done, 95% still in boxes in the new house)

Copyright 1978, this is how I first learned to program computers in the late 80s

Really looking forward to my favorite Thai restaurant dine in reopening some day. In the mean time they are crazy busy with take out. Busier than I've ever seen them?

calorie counting week 14 

hmm... was really discouraged, seeing this graph made me feel better. INTO THE 330s dammit lol

calorie counting week 13 

Goal: Break into the 330s this week!!

There’s this great new Korean drama on Netflix called Sisyphus whose main character is basically a technical genius. At one point he has to quickly code up a new app on his phone in order to authorize starting a car. This is the only time in the series I recall so far that he names a programming language, and it is .

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