covid-19 Georgia USA 

Wow. Georgia is a test case for the worst ways to handle a pandemic.
"University of Georgia to allow football -- but not in-person voting -- this fall"

lolz. Some impressive mental gymnastics if you're trying to sell silver bullion right now.

I asked people for plastic bags on Next Door for . People said they had "a lot" and gave me 10. Then Lynette happened.
Apparently she saves them for a relative whose company makes art out of them.

I recommend NOT trying to float 8 miles of the Platte River in August. Everything starts out fine, then you spend 5.5 hours dragging your kayak, at the end IN THE DARK before you're done.

Check out how helpful this streamer cat is. Poor girl only gets to use the front 6" of her chair while sewing because the rest of the chair is claimed by the most asleep cat ever. :)

So is this outer ring of mitica cheese now bad? It's wet but doesn't taste different?

weight loss 

Week 5 complete. YAY I finally dropped through that floor I spent 4 weeks bumping on!

weight loss 

Week 4 complete. Curious. Pretty sure I can feel my body fat % dropping. My scale says "meh."

covid-19 joke 🇺🇸 

AMERICA is so LIT we didn't flatten the curve... we turned it into a HALF-PIPE

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