Our poor dog doesn't have anything to chew on so he was chewing the wooden endtable. 🙄

New system. Adorable restored. Big cardboard box blocks access to all cords.

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Betrayed!! New puppy and I were having a moment. He was so sweetly coiled up around my feet under my desk. He promised. PROMISED he would not chew the cord. 2 seconds later: BETRAYED!

covid, us pol 

At what point can the CDC declare voting Republican a public health emergency?

Mom took this photo of a hummingbird sleeping on her feeder (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Picked up these stickers years ago at a conference:
For even your toughest claims!

Won't fade the truth!

Genius. In the CLT airport there's a trash bin with solar panels. Indoors. Nowhere close to windows.

Raining today, hopefully deck placement stays running and doesn't damage the deck through vibration exhaust etc...

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Greetings from generator-powered Internet, where 66K folk remain without power on day 3... I cancelled my trip out west, will spend the 2 weeks cleaning up the down trees... country life: so relaxing!

Satoshi spotted our first owl on property. We need to buy a real camera.

How was your weekend? I only had 1 bee try to crawl up my nose, and nobody drowned while kayaking. :)

Ever since I bought a house with a flagpole the 3x5' flag collection keeps expanding. :)

Mamma and baby deer are back. Baby wants a quick lie-down in the hammock.

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