lol ok NOW I'm excited about this trip. See you in a week, suckers :)

ya. I think in their minds the universe is organized like this:
1) Foreigners.
2) Patriotic Americans.
3) The US government sucks and must be stopped.
You're not allowed to be 3 unless you've been 2.

Huh. This LOOKS like the Russians powned my old iPad. But nope, this is apparently normal Apple stuff when your credit card expires.

quick! Screenshot the estimator thinking I'm "winning" before he crushes me!

OMG arrived all the way from the UK! Merry Christmas to me! Thanks @JenJen

I'm the laziest 0600 Xmas decorator but I think it looks good :)

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Holy crap, really? As someone maybe looking to buy property again I'm thinking I'd be a huge sucker not to spend the time and headache to try to buy a foreclosure?

My shrink says my black-and-white thinking is bad, but they sure do seem to be my most effective dieting strategies. :)

Grandma is 94. She doesn't remember there is a piano in the room next to hers, or that she has a room, or where she is, or how she got there; but she still played two impressively complex songs from memory, no problem. <3

(I am my uncle and I got so fat! Repeatedly. lolz)

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