So is this outer ring of mitica cheese now bad? It's wet but doesn't taste different?

weight loss 

Week 5 complete. YAY I finally dropped through that floor I spent 4 weeks bumping on!

weight loss 

Week 4 complete. Curious. Pretty sure I can feel my body fat % dropping. My scale says "meh."

covid-19 joke 🇺🇸 

AMERICA is so LIT we didn't flatten the curve... we turned it into a HALF-PIPE

covid-19 website maint 

Holy shit somehow web maintenance makes me more panicky than seeing new pandemic numbers.

The best part of our food distribution weekends may be the neighborhood inspector demanding scritches.

OK, gaming isn't good for me (all that sitting) but boy it sure is compact compared to motorcycles and 13.5' kayaks and RVs and scuba... Cleaning the garage is way more than a few clicks :/

wut? Adobe Flash still exists? How did this pop up on macOS?


Some days its hard to argue against American exceptionalism. #1.

covid-19 terror 

So either these projections are wrong, or this is going to be by far the biggest event to happen to Americans in my lifetime? I / we should be losing our minds?

The good news, for us Nebraskans, is that specifically here its only projected to be 4X a high-normal flu season, and we have plenty of hospital capacity.

Week 3 cubicle view less impressive than week 2 view. And a bit more road noise

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