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Jay Hannah @deafferret@octodon.social

YouTube (a Google company) is throwing pop-up Google ads for ad blockers. octodon.social/media/wU9zeuJGF

It's a baby kidney stone! 2.89mm! Congrats baby brother! I'm an uncle now! octodon.social/media/DvMJzmWbC

4am ER run for brothers ongoing kidney stone drama. I really know how to party πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ₯🎩

I walked ~17 miles in Vegas? Now resuming sedentary sick dog lifestyle :/ octodon.social/media/v5YeeUes3

Annual work trip to Vegas was fun. We had Oreos so I got to play KGB from Rounders up in the suite. Most fun I've ever had with two racks of 1s from a casino. :) octodon.social/media/mfYz7jMqy

Saturday: YAY! The new truck seems to haul the RV even better than my "old" (sigh!!) truck that blew up on me.

Sunday: ARGH!! 5 check engine lights lit up -- 330 miles is WAY TOO SOON for all this nonsense, Ford!


Reminder: There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, but for rock-solid stability you can't beat octodon.social/media/9s_thxUTK

lol The impudence! How dare they tell me not to disable / modify their Javascript on MY laptop!


Man, I gotta knock it off with Food Not Bombs every Sunday. It's starting to look a lot like exercise...