OMG arrived all the way from the UK! Merry Christmas to me! Thanks @JenJen

I'm the laziest 0600 Xmas decorator but I think it looks good :)

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Holy crap, really? As someone maybe looking to buy property again I'm thinking I'd be a huge sucker not to spend the time and headache to try to buy a foreclosure?

My shrink says my black-and-white thinking is bad, but they sure do seem to be my most effective dieting strategies. :)

Grandma is 94. She doesn't remember there is a piano in the room next to hers, or that she has a room, or where she is, or how she got there; but she still played two impressively complex songs from memory, no problem. <3

(I am my uncle and I got so fat! Repeatedly. lolz)

Kansas City is putting on quite a show this week.

"Tenderloin sandwich" in Dunlap Iowa. "Ya, it's big" they said.

aww twitch streamer who hitchhikes all over got picked up by a dude w/ a doggo. Cost of ride: constant pets.

A successful 2 days dirt biking in Colorado. :)

After 14.5 years I had to say goodbye to Minnie this morning. Tipper and Minnie were good dogs, we were lucky to have them in our lives for so long. ❤️

A 5th medication has joined the old sick dog arsenal: syrup to fight hypoglycemia.

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