covid-19 terror 

Week 3 cubicle view less impressive than week 2 view. And a bit more road noise

Ha nice. Google has tracked me in 871 places since 2009 :)

butt stuff xmas 

Inexplicably my parents wanted 250 pounds of concrete for Christmas πŸŽ„

My brother fixes small airport weather stations for a living. I went with him to see what he does. Basically he's a corn field party planner.

Huh. Merry xmas to me! I've never been in a fantasy football league before. My team went 8-6 and apparently I won the whole league. There were two 11-3 teams, but apparently I won some sort of playoffs thing at the end.

I am a sport genius. /me quits his job, moves to Vegas to become a professional sports betting person.

Google sick burn.

Image: Google search "raku case statement" returns "Did you mean: ruby case statement"?

Background: Raku the programming language used to be "Perl 6." Ruby is a totally different programming language.

I have a lifelong struggle with marketing hype, tax abatements.

In theory Tesla's Gigafactory 1 will be covered in solar panels and an up-front 1000 acre grant and $1.3B in immediate tax breaks will be a bargain after 20+ years.

In practice there's a small % of solar panels on the building and I fear 20 years from now new politicians will just cut new deals in a race to the bottom of corporate taxation, underfunding public infrastructure / services, while giving away public lands / resources.

racial justice 

ha neat. Some github bot thing automatically opening pull requests to patch javascript dependency security vulnerabilities. I welcome our AI programmer overlords. :)

Amused by YouTube videos that use stock footage while making fun of that footage & themselves for using it.
"stuck on desert island with suitcase full of useless money"

halloween fake blood πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ 

Denver was huge! Thousands of well intentioned people trying to make a difference. (And a couple assholes, but I'll leave that grossness on birbsite.)

Go is a fun game. But zero sum conflict. In today's political climate and in the shadow of Monopoly: Socialism Edition I've been pondering some sort of non-zero-sum solidarity co-op Go.

On the other hand, like 4 player chess, a zero-sum multiplayer Go is intriguing. :)

ha. I'm so old giphy "mork and mindy pod" returns The Mindy Project, not nanoo nanoo

Humblebrag: I am CRUSHING the Streamer game! It's only taken me 183 days to earn $30!!

(They don't send any money until you hit $100 total.)

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