calorie counting 

Week 2 (a week late because photo uploads weren't working)

Surprised a real estate agent is sub-tooting via holiday cards.

Hey look at that, there's an open water channel on the Platte. I can throw on my dry suit and go kayaking. ;)

Hiking in the snowy woods. Discovered a Monty Python fan

calorie counting 

Back on the calorie counting train. Week 1 complete.

My parents are the most wholesome, loving, honest people I've ever met. The kindness of quiet, truly loving people is extraordinary.

Here's what your fancy dive computer log looks like when you forget to turn your air all the way on then go scuba diving anyway. 3 minute dive, 10 alarms / violations. Whoops!

whoah, surprised () is on my ballot. One of my way-too-many hobbies is maintaining this Nebraska database:

Oooo! Mail-in ballot received!
So who's done a bunch of down-ballot research on these judges and such?

The telemarketers are blowing me up hard this morning... phone and SMS spam. Looking forward to Android updates on my ZTE phone so I can finally automatically block unknown numbers.

US net worth + pol 

For the life of me, I don't understand how so many people continue to vote for this. I know very few people who do so knowingly. I ... continue to fail to understand.

covid-19 Georgia USA 

Wow. Georgia is a test case for the worst ways to handle a pandemic.
"University of Georgia to allow football -- but not in-person voting -- this fall"

lolz. Some impressive mental gymnastics if you're trying to sell silver bullion right now.

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