ha neat. Some github bot thing automatically opening pull requests to patch javascript dependency security vulnerabilities. I welcome our AI programmer overlords. :)

Amused by YouTube videos that use stock footage while making fun of that footage & themselves for using it.
"stuck on desert island with suitcase full of useless money"

halloween fake blood πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ 

Denver was huge! Thousands of well intentioned people trying to make a difference. (And a couple assholes, but I'll leave that grossness on birbsite.)

Go is a fun game. But zero sum conflict. In today's political climate and in the shadow of Monopoly: Socialism Edition I've been pondering some sort of non-zero-sum solidarity co-op Go.


On the other hand, like 4 player chess, a zero-sum multiplayer Go is intriguing. :)

ha. I'm so old giphy "mork and mindy pod" returns The Mindy Project, not nanoo nanoo

Humblebrag: I am CRUSHING the Streamer game! It's only taken me 183 days to earn $30!! twitch.tv/dferret

(They don't send any money until you hit $100 total.)

Ah! I was wondering what this game was called in English. It's called "International Go" via bit.ly/2Yx2M26

? umm Apple, I'm hoping you meant "increased precision." Because accuracy is kind of important for spreadsheets.

Dirty Don's in Kansas City is always fun. So... how much for 1? Is buying 1 allowed?

No, I didn't shag carpet the front of my truck. The flooding in SW Iowa (I-29) is so bad that it sounds like its raining, but its just the sound of a billion billion mosquitos etc. splattering for hours. SUPER hard to see through the windshield, no matter how much wiper fluid you squirt.

Snapchat has gender filters now apparently. Apologies to Tech Omaha. :)

awww, its nice to have a bar urinal give my ego a little boost

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