uhh... what? Why not ask Q to snap his fingers and send Voyager back to Federation space? Getting back to Earth is the whole point of the whole series? ... And it never even comes up? ST:V S2 E18

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@deafferret would you want to be indebted to a being like Q?

I guess it depends on them price asked, too.

It's been awhile since I watched that episode

@gizmomathboy if my other option was to never see my loved ones again? Yup. And if I'm smart I could get them to snap their fingers without incurring much (if any) debt. In the episode they blink a bunch of people off Earth to Voyager and back so it's not like it's effort for them. So for the idea to never even be broached when the WHOLE POINT of the series is getting home... ummm... :)

@gizmomathboy there was another ep (I forget which one) where Janeway is struggling with the ethics of stealing a thing that would get them home. From my perspective: Sure, stealing is wrong. But you have 140 crew members who are effectively DEAD in the Delta quadrant (never going to see Earth again). And you're going to let stealing a thing not effectively save the lives of 140 of your crew? wut? It's immoral to NOT steal the thing imo.

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