huh. Apparently I'm due/overdue for more vaccinations?
Vaccine | Immunization Status
COVID-19 | Complete
HepA | Complete
Influenza | Recommended Now
MMR | Recommended Now
Pertussis(Tdap) | Complete
Td | Recommended Now
Varicella | Recommended Now

What are these and why didn't my GP shoot me up with them at my annual physical? Influenza is my fault, I've been too lazy to schedule yet another appointment.


My GP called, said:
* Yes, go get a flu shot.
* My Tdap had Td in it. These are both for tetanus, I got 'em in 2019 and they're good for 10 years. (The NESIIS database is wrong.)
* I got MMR and Varicella vaccines as a child (the NESIIS database is wrong.)

I'll keep voting for universal health records at every opportunity.

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