American healthcare. 2021.

GP: huh, you should see a dermatologist about this mole. Here's a referral.
Derm: yup, we're gonna remove this mole. It'll take 5 minutes. Done.
Lab: Not cancer, you're fine.
Hospital network: You owe us $738
Insurance: No problem, here's $45.
Me: shuffling paperwork between ~4 corporations, sending $693.

Me: Continually stunned Americans don't vote for universal healthcare.

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@deafferret weird. That's not how mine works. I went to the doctor to find out I needed my appendix removed immediately. I paid nothing for that visit. Went to the emergency room and had a couple tests to verify. I think that was $100 total. Then I opted to pay for a squad so I didn't need to wait in line at the hospital I wanted to go to. After insurance, it was $1400 with no due date. Pay what you can whenever.

@deafferret very good experience. Would never trade it for the government telling me where I can get care and how long I have to wait for it.

@ussducky what country do you live in? I had my appendix out in ~2016 and I couldn't quickly find my records about how many thousands of dollars that was and how many months I ended up shuffling / fighting the paperwork between who knows how many corporations...

@ussducky because I have good insurance I receive excellent health care. My appendix came out same day and they sent me home. It's the paperwork and the billing that are a massive waste of time and energy that could better go to ... you know, actual health care.

@deafferret yeah crazy. i'm in the untied states. i went to the doctor after work at 3, got to the first hospital at 5, got to the one I wanted to take out my appendix at 7 or so. went into surgery around 9, and left the next morning.

it was actually just as easy to pay for as it is when i go to any other care facility.

I think the main issue is that people have a bad experience and just assume its always bad everywhere. And that's just not true.

@ussducky huh. What insurance do you have, if any? Mine's Aetna via my employer.

@deafferret Anthem. I think at the time it might have been United Healthcare or Medical Mutual though. My employers have changed since, and each time they get someone new. I used to work at a warehouse and they changes providers like 3 times in 3 years.

@ussducky I'm very glad it's so painless for you. :) I'm very happy with the medical care *I* receive, but the cluster-fudge of paperwork every time drives me crazy, seems insanely inefficient (waste of money) for all these companies to fight all these billing wars every time I have anything done. It's nice to hear not everyone with private insurance in the USA has the same paperwork flood I always seem to have.

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