death of a friend 

Steph and I have been volunteering with Food Not Bombs for ~6 years. Of all of our patrons, I was most involved with my friend Tim. Tim passed away on Thursday in his apartment, apparently from some combination of his many long-standing medical problems. His wife decided there would be no funeral or memorial service. I wasn't able to find any obituary or notice of any kind online. 1/


death of a friend 

While he has accounts in a few social media platforms, he had not been active on any of them for several years.
I will miss Tim. With me, he was always gentle and kind and anxious to help Food Not Bombs. Sometimes he tried to help too much. More than his medical conditions would allow.

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death of a friend 

I'm struggling to find meaning in his passing. And in the work that we do. We help 25-45 people each week. I feel good about that. I wish we could do more. I wish we could find a way to live in a society where what we do isn't needed. Like all my jobs, I'm trying to find ways to make those jobs unnecessary. Suggestions welcome.
Thank you all. For making this world a little bit kinder than you found it. Every week. ❤

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