calorie counting - Whole Foods deli 

Yes, feta cheese, walnuts, cranberries, dressing are high calorie. Yes, this is a big salad. But either I'm totally delusional or Whole Foods deli continues to drive me insane with their inflated calorie counts. 1000 cals for this huge salad? Sure. But 1800? Really? Sigh. If *anyone* cares at all I'll recreate this salad ingredient by ingredient myself and spreadsheet up a true calorie count based on actual ingredients. I dare you to dare me.

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calorie counting - Whole Foods deli 

(salad dressing *can be* very high calorie, depending)

calorie counting - Whole Foods deli app: Large croissant with butter: 272 calories
Whole Foods deli label: Large croissant: 380 calories.
... sigh.

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