This freaking thing is incredible 10+ appliances in 1, apparently... cauliflower chicken curry super fast, yummm

"An all-in-one appliance that lets you Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Brown/Sear, Sauté, Steam, and now finish off foods to crispy perfection"

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@deafferret ooh do you have some pressure cooker recipes? I’ve been in a rut lately

@mattdsteele no recipes really, I throw crap in, often it turns out not great, but I usually enjoy it because it's weird / what I thought I was in the mood for. I don't recommend my cooking to others, it's often one ingredient heavy. Yesterday was 2 heads of cauliflower from Food Not Bombs, a jar of curry from the pantry, 2 cans of CostCo chicken. Trying to pound through a backlog of emergency rations from the start of covid. How do I get through 35 more pounds of rice w/o calories? ;)

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