The security community has just figured out that Lastpass' Android app has trackers built into it.

Of course it does. 90% of the stuff you get out of the Play Store, from any manufacturer, will have at least one (and usually more) trackers embedded in it.

That is part of the ecosystem. It is also baked into some of the more popular devkits out there, and the developers might not even know they're there.

Seriously, folks... assume that you are being tracked and monitored, and act accordingly. This is a logical and reasonable thing to assume in the 21st century until you prove otherwise to your own satisfaction.


@drwho hmm they just changed their pricing model so I just sent them money for the first time. Lastpass alternative that's better?

@deafferret I'm still searching for one that covers all of the use cases that Lastpass does. I badly want to get my family using password managers, but even that part is hard.

@drwho I've got my parents on LastPass too, so if there's a better option please let me know. :)

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