Periodic bragging about my podcast addiction: tells me my stats are:
Since November 28, 2017 you've listened for: 83 days 1 hour
Time Saved By:
Skipping: 3 days 16 hours
Variable Speed: 7 days 2 hours
Trim Silence: 6 days 19 hours
Total: 17 days 15 hours
My feeds:

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@deafferret any recent additions you'd recommend? I've been enjoying Friendly Fire and Omnibus.

Daily podcasts have a high bar for me but I'm liking Kottke Ride Home; it's an easy replacement for outrage-heavy politics podcasts

@mattdsteele I'm blown away today by "Suspicious Activity: Inside the FINCEN files". My dad recommends "Fareed Zakaria GPS (CNN)" :)

@mattdsteele Friendly Fire: The Maximum Fun one? I'm seeing ~20 podcasts with variations on that name. Omnibus: the one with Ken Jennings and John Roderick?

@deafferret Yup; been on a John Roderick train lately. Omnibus feels like a better version of Stuff You Should Know.

If you're a Maximum Fun donor, the bonus feed episodes of Friendly Fire are a great place to start.

@mattdsteele I donate to lots of podcasts / networks, but I've never had time for any rewards for doing so. The main feeds are waaaay more than I can ever keep up with. :) My one exception being the 99PI challenge coin, because I'm a sucker for challenge coins. :)

@deafferret ha, yeah I’m still going through the notebooks they did for their original Kickstarter

@mattdsteele from the list California Love is great, I love hearing his story from a black perspective. California City also fascinating story of development in the middle of nowhere

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