Near-crushing depression yesterday. After a couple hours of that I finally remembered "oh right, this is nicotine withdrawal." It's a hell of a drug that twists your mind SO HARD to feed the addiction forever.

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@deafferret Cool you are kicking it. I wolfed down a pack a day for more than twenty years. April 12, 2014 I quit.

I sinned very few times since, but the times I did made it much more difficult. One drag of nicotine and the monster comes back for more the next day.

The withdrawal can be pretty brutal in the first three weeks, but then again, it comes and goes so if you wait, the worst bouts are gone within 20m.


@mplammers ya, I stupidly have a lot of experience quitting. I've quit for years and months and weeks various times since college. Doing fine today, caffeine may be helping. (lolwut) I rarely have caffeine anymore, but today it's a pot of coffee. :) anyhoo I was just surprised that the front of my brain was refusing to connect my mental state <-> chemical addiction while I have years of experience knowing it's exactly that.


@deafferret Oh yeah I remember constantly forgetting the cause of the withdrawal symptoms, adding to the chagrin/brainfog.

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